Why Do Seniors Need Speech Therapy?

Speech TherapyThere are many different therapies that can help seniors avoid problems as they get older. Seniors should be doing therapies like physical therapy and occupational therapy to help them maintain their mobility. But seniors should also start speech therapy so that they don’t struggle with speaking clearly and swallowing easily later on. As seniors get older they may start to notice that their throat muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be. When their throat muscles start to get soft, seniors may lose their ability to speak clearly and loudly. That can impact their ability to be understood.

Speech therapy also works to strengthen the muscles that seniors need to swallow. If seniors can’t swallow properly they could choke on the food that they eat, even if it’s cut up into very small pieces. And when seniors who have poor throat muscles try to drink liquids they could end up aspirating that liquid into their lungs, which can cause infections and other serious health problems. Maintaining strong throat muscles and the ability to speak loudly and clearly are very important for seniors. And the exercises that make up speech therapy target those throat muscles so that seniors will be able to continue to speak and swallow normally. Some of the signs that your senior parent could benefit from speech therapy include:

Soft Voice

If you have noticed that your senior seems to be talking more softly and you’re having trouble hearing them, that could be the start of their throat muscles weakening. It’s always a good idea to make a doctor appointment or have a home health care appointment to have your senior parent checked out if they have any medical changes. But adding speech therapy to their usual treatment roster would also be a good idea if you notice that they are speaking more softly.

Choking On Food Frequently

If your senior parent is choking a lot while they are eating or if they seem to have trouble swallowing foods like meat or any foods that aren’t very soft now is the time to start speech therapy. Don’t wait to see if the situation will get better. Call a local agency to find out more information on speech therapy in your senior parent’s area. Speech therapy can be done at home so they won’t need to go to a medical appointment to get speech therapy.

Clearing The Throat Frequently

When your senior parent speaks and they are clearing their throat more than they used to that’s a sign they need speech therapy. From that point the trouble will progress until they are having trouble making words and effectively speaking because of the deterioration of those muscles. Start speech therapy soon so that your senior parent doesn’t lose any more ability than they already have.

Having A Lot Of Vocal Fry

Vocal fry is that breathy guttural noise that happens when people speak. If your senior parent isn’t getting enough air into their vocal cords when they speak because their throat muscles are weak they will have a lot of vocal fry. Speech therapy can help.

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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita