The Benefits of Senior Speech Therapy

Senior Benefits: Speech Therapy Chadds Ford PA

Senior Benefits: Speech Therapy Chadds Ford PA

When seniors are aging in place they can benefit from getting different types of therapy that will help improve their strength and mobility, help them with speech, help them with movement, and most of all help them continue to live independently. Many types of therapy, such as speech therapy, are designed for seniors to do in the comfort of their own home. Especially if they are unable to access therapy easily.

Some seniors may have trouble getting out to appointments and treatments if they no longer drive. Rideshares and taxis are a possibility for most seniors, but most people aren’t comfortable taking rides from strangers. Using medical equipment, like walkers or wheelchairs or portable oxygen, can make those rides awkward and potentially dangerous. Some seniors also don’t have reliable access to rideshare or taxis because they live in rural areas. For seniors who can’t easily get to a therapy appointment, having therapy at home can give them access to life-changing therapies that will help them stay independent.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy at home can help seniors in several different ways. Seniors who have trouble swallowing or speaking can use speech therapy to strengthen the muscles they need to speak clearly and to swallow food without choking. If your senior parent has had a stroke or a TIA and they have some paralysis of the face or throat speech therapy can help them start to speak again or refine their speech so that they can speak clearly again.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is very helpful to seniors if they have had a hospital stay for a medical condition and lost some of their muscle and flexibility while they were in the hospital. Physical therapy at home can also help seniors recover if they have injuries sustained in a fall. When seniors do physical therapy at home they get more of the benefits of movement without having the difficulty of having to get to a physical therapy appointment.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is something that all seniors should have. The movements in occupational therapy are designed to help seniors hang onto the ability to do everyday tasks as they get older. Seniors will perform fun exercises that will improve their dexterity, grip strength, core strength, and even their cognitive abilities. Through exercises that improve spatial awareness and hand/eye coordination seniors will be able to remain independent at home longer.

Music and Art Therapy

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s or other dementia can benefit greatly from art and music therapy at home. Art and music impact the brain in dramatic ways. Playing music and making art can help seniors keep their cognitive abilities strong for a longer period of time. They also can help seniors improve and maintain fine motor skills. Art and music therapy also are great for stress reduction in all seniors. Your senior parent may discover a hidden talent for painting or playing the piano.

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