Physical Therapy Can Help Seniors Increase Mobility

Senior Mobility: Physical Therapy Berwyn Pa

Senior Mobility: Physical Therapy Berwyn Pa

Being fit is more than the way you look. Fitness covers a range of aspects including the foods you eat, the way you take care of your mental health, and the exercise you get. It’s something that your family is focused on. Your family wants to start going on weekend hikes together. Before this can happen, your dad’s doctor recommends that he do physical therapy to ensure he makes safe changes when it comes to exercise.

Your dad’s doctor diagnosed him with high blood pressure and diabetes. He’s extremely overweight and experiences pain if he tries to walk more than a few steps, so he stopped trying. Not only does your dad need to change his habits, but you also have a higher risk as high blood pressure and diabetes can be genetic. What will a physical therapist do?

The First Step is an Assessment

During the first appointment with a physical therapist, your dad will be assessed to determine his range of motion, how much pain tolerance he has, and where his mobility is impacted.

From this assessment, your dad’s physical therapist will create a plan of action. Physical therapy usually involves a mix of exercises to build strength and balance, massage and techniques that help ease pain, and improve flexibility.

If Devices Are Needed, He’ll Learn How to Use Them

Sometimes, it does take the use of a cane or something like a knee brace to ease pain and improve mobility. If that’s what it will take, your dad will learn how to use assistive devices correctly to improve mobility without risking damage from incorrect use.

Encourage Him

In addition to working with his physical therapist, your dad has to practice the exercises at home. Encourage him to exercise often. You could even do the exercises with him as a show of support.

It will be hard to do some exercises, but he must keep going. Provide that extra push he needs to keep going, even if the pain and discomfort are making him want to give up.

Ask Questions

Make sure you ask a lot of questions. The goal is to become more active with your dad. So, you’ll want to encourage him to join you without putting him at risk. Ask his physical therapist questions regarding how long he can walk or if he’s ready for slopes or hills. That way you’ll know how to encourage him without risking an injury.

Follow your dad’s lead. If he’s eager to keep going, go at the pace he needs. If he’s struggling to keep up, slow down. Find a bench and stop to have a snack and drink.

Embrace fitness with your dad. Everyone benefits from physical activity, and the stronger he becomes, the more you can do together. Talk to a specialist in at home physical therapy and start making plans to spend more time with your dad doing things he enjoys.

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