Practicing Mindfulness Is an Important Part of Senior Care

When receiving senior care at home, they are more likely to maintain their healthy lifestyle. However, their mobility may decline as they reach their golden years. Fortunately, a wide variety of senior care activities might aid seniors’ mobility. Home care workers will suggest several activities for their elderly clients to attempt. A senior may benefit from the guidance of a physical therapist after recovering from an injury or medical procedure.

Senior Care Bryn Mawr

Senior Care Bryn Mawr


Maintaining an elderly person’s health is a team effort at times. It may also include some exercises that allow the mind to help the body, such as practicing meditation.  Mindfulness is one of the easiest ways to also practice meditation. A senior can adopt a daily ritual or routine that includes mediation and mindfulness and express gratitude. This combination may help them feel less stress and anxiety and increase moods of happiness.

How Mindfulness Can Help Seniors

There are several potential physical and psychological advantages of mindful meditation for older persons, including higher concentration, tranquility, reduced stress, and improved sleep. According to research, mindfulness and meditation help alleviate melancholy and discomfort and improve mental health. It may even assist in accepting the hardships of aging.

The memory areas of the brain are stimulated by meditation. According to US News, meditation is related to improved short-term and long-term memory. Recent research indicates that it may even halt the growth of Alzheimer’s disease. Preliminary research shows that meditation helps counteract the cognitive impairment associated with aging. It engages the “feel-good” prefrontal cortex and may also alter the brain to enhance concentration, creativity, and cognitive performance.

Mindfulness aids in the management of moods and emotions by creating space between a stimulus and a response. It even lowers isolation and relieves inflammation! According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, it is also linked to decreased symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness as a Senior

  1. Create time and space for yourself. While you aim to work up to 20 minutes each day, this may be difficult to do at first. Even if you have challenges with movement or agility, you can practice mindful meditation anywhere, at any time.
  2. Start by sitting or laying motionless in a quiet location. Take deep breaths using your diaphragm. Concentrate on breathing and exhaling, and be aware of other physical feelings your body communicates. Check your posture, whether you’re laying down or sitting up.
  3. Attempt to completely release your thoughts. Random thoughts will seek to distract you. Kindly acknowledge these ideas and ask them to relax and let go. Feel the breath in the abdomen. When you’re ready, express gratitude for your body and mind, give yourself a pat on the back for taking time for yourself and observe how you feel. That is all! Sounds absurdly simple, right?

All three of these are great places to start when trying out mindfulness. If this is not enough for a senior, they may want to try to find a YouTube video that can help guide them. Some seniors may be in therapy or group therapy, and this is something they can try out with their counselor as well.

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