Homecare: 4 Ways To Manage Caregiver Stress

Homecare: November is Long Term Care Awareness Month.

It’s the perfect time to recognize the caregivers who are taking care of their senior loved ones as well as their own families and meeting all of their other responsibilities all the time. It’s not easy and there are millions of caregivers around the country who are providing long-term care for their senior parents who are aging in place. If you’re a caregiver it’s essential that you manage your stress so that you don’t burn out or have a breakdown. Over time stress can cause a range of physical and mental health problems if you aren’t managing it correctly. A homecare services provider can be a huge help to you.


Homecare in Media PA: Caregivers Stress

Homecare in Media PA: Caregivers Stress


The best things long term caregivers can do to manage stress are:

Delegate Household Tasks

The best thing that caregivers can do to lighten their load and decrease stress is to delegate household tasks to others. If it’s not something that only you can do then have someone else do it. An in-home care provider can take a lot of responsibilities off of your plate when it comes to your senior loved ones. In-home care provider can help your parents cook healthy meals and do the dishes afterward. They can also help with household chores like doing the laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, and taking care of pets and plants. By offloading those household tasks you are giving yourself more time to handle the things that only you can handle.

Make Time To Decompress

Most long-term caregivers are seriously stressed because they don’t give themselves time to decompress and process everything that they are going through. They say that they will take some time in a few days or a few weeks but that time off never actually happens. Even if you need to schedule time for yourself you need to find a way to prioritize time for yourself. Even if it’s just taking an hour to go to the park and have a sandwich and soak in nature it will help you lower your stress level. In-home care providers can stay with your senior parent so that you can take the time you need. Block off time on your schedule if you need to.

Screens Off One Hour Before Bedtime

Being on screens all the time can mess up your sleep cycle and add to your stress. Many caregivers are never without their phones in case something happens to their senior parent. But you need to put the phone down. Since you can’t put your phone in another room at night in case someone does call you about your senior parent you should put it in a drawer an hour before you want to go to bed and leave it there. That way it will be there if you need it but you won’t be tempted to be on it mindlessly for an hour before bed. Your computer, tablet, and phone should be off or in a drawer at least an hour before you want to go to bed.

Stick To A Routine

Routine can be a life-saver when you’re stressed out and the rest of your life seems chaotic. Find a schedule that works for you and your homecare services provider and stick with it, even if you have to start saying no to some people in order to get it approved.


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