Home Care: 5 Misconceptions About Self-Care for Family Caregivers

Home Care: Self-care is defined as the “practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s health.”

This includes mental, physical, and emotional health. It seems so simple, yet self-care is often pushed to the background by family caregivers. Home Care services providers can offer respite time so you can realize some self-care.


Home Care in Ardmore PA: Self Care

Home Care in Ardmore PA: Self Care


If you’re a family caregiver, you get it. You’re so focused on ensuring your parents get the best possible care that you ignore yourself. It’s not a good habit to get into. Self-care is essential. Here are five misconceptions that family caregivers often believe.

Self-Care Is Selfish

Your parents need your help. If you are taking care of yourself and ignoring them, it’s selfish. It’s not.

So many family caregivers fall for this “self-care is selfish” belief. You have to think about the other angle. If you are taking care of them so much that you ignore your own needs, what happens when you burn out? You have no energy left to give them, so what happens now?

What if your health changes? Can you risk your health caring for your parents? Of course not. That’s why self-care is crucial.


Trips to the Doctor Are Enough

Another common misconception is that you see your doctor each year, so that’s good enough. A yearly doctor’s appointment will catch your general health, but it may not catch emotional or mental health issues.

Mental and emotional health thrive best when you are socially active and engaged in things you enjoy. It would help if you had time for hobbies, nights out, and other fun activities. Join a support group for family caregivers to make sure you have others to talk to.


Any Food is Better Than No Food

When you’re a family caregiver, it’s easy to get so busy that there’s no time left to make something healthy for yourself. You leave your parents and have to pick up your kids from school events, walk the dog, and do housework at your house. There’s no time to cook a meal, so you pick up fast food.

You may get protein, but you’re also eating foods that are high in sodium and saturated fat. You’re not getting the fresh vegetables you need. It will impact your health over time.


Home Care: Stress Can’t Harm You

Stress can harm you. It doesn’t just disappear if you ignore it and keep overwhelming yourself. Studies have shown that people who experience chronic stress can have anxiety attacks, become depressed, and even find that excessive stress impacts their heart health.

Home Care: It’s Impossible to Take Breaks

One of the biggest misconceptions that family members have is that family caregivers can’t take breaks. Your parents may need your help 24/7, but you can hire home care services to ensure someone is with your parents while you take a few hours or days off.

It’s easy to arrange respite care and take a break. Do so by calling a home care specialist today. Ask about the prices for respite care services.


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