4 Types of Therapy That Can Help Seniors Stay Independent

Speech Therapy GlenoldenThere’s no doubt that living at home and living independently are important to seniors these days. When polled, a huge number of seniors said that they would prefer to live independently and stay in their own homes as they got older. There are a lot of practical things that seniors have to plan for if they want to remain independent for a long time as they get older. Preparing now while they are still healthy will give seniors the chance to stay at home longer. All seniors should be taking care of themselves physically and mentally so that they will be healthy enough to live independently. Engaging in these types of therapies can help seniors prepare for the future by focusing on their health and helping them stay flexible, strong, and mobile:

Speech Therapy

Most seniors don’t think about losing their ability to speak, but as seniors get older they can find that their throat muscles get weaker. That can lead to problems swallowing and speaking. Seniors may notice that their voice is getting hoarse, or that they can’t project their voice. They may have trouble swallowing pills, and it can become difficult to pronounce certain words. Seniors who are enrolled in speech therapy early on have a better chance of not losing their ability to speak or swallow as they get older. Being able to speak clearly and swallow without assistance are very important for seniors that want to continue to live independently.

Physical Therapy

Falls are one of the most common problems that make it impossible for a senior to continue living alone. If a senior falls in their home and they don’t have home care or anyone to help them after they heal, they may not be able to live alone any longer. Preventing falls is essential for any senior that loves to live independently. Physical therapy can help seniors protect their mobility, their balance, and their flexibility so that they can stay independent at home. Seniors that have regular physical therapy are much less likely to experience a fall at home.


Emotional therapy, or counseling, is just as important for seniors as physical therapy and speech therapy. Seniors who live alone need to have tools that they can use to avoid becoming lonely or isolated. Professional counseling or therapy can help seniors work on their mental health and develop the tools that they need to have a full social life full of connections to the world, to family, and to friends so that they can be happy at home.

Occupational Therapy

Seniors who want to live independently need to have the ability to do things like turn a knob, pull out a drawer, open the refrigerator, put their clothes in the washer, and do other basic tasks. Occupational therapy helps seniors develop the muscle memory and strength to continue to do those tasks as they get older.

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