4 Things Seniors Need To Improve Their Health And Wellness

Occupational TherapyWhen seniors are aging in place they need to pay as much attention to their emotional health and wellness as they do to their physical health and wellness. The two things really go hand in hand. When seniors feel good physically and mentally they are able to do the things they love to do and focus on finding purpose and enjoying life as they get older. But often seniors struggle to find a balance after they retire because they have lost their usual routine and their reason to get up and leave the house every day. Seniors who are struggling with health and wellness these need four things to regain physical and emotional health and wellness:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy doesn’t feel like therapy, but it has a vital impact on seniors’ ability to live independently and stay well. Occupational therapy consists of exercises that feel more like games. They help seniors improve and maintain physical dexterity, grip strength, and the ability to move. But they also help seniors retain cognitive skills, reasoning, and information processing. Every senior should be doing occupational therapy so that they can stay independent.


Exercise is essential for seniors that want to stay healthy as they get older. Studies show that as seniors get older seniors who have spent years doing regular exercise maintain their mobility, strength, and physical health at greater rates than seniors who didn’t exercise regularly. The best way for seniors to make exercise a habit is to find something they really enjoy and do that as often as possible. Taking long walks, going on hikes, swimming, cycling, playing golf, and other activities are all good exercise for seniors. Seniors may want to take some exercise classes so that they can try different activities to find one or two that they really like if they have never really liked to exercise.


Physical health is important, but so is mental health. That’s why seniors who want to stay happy and healthy as they age should develop some hobbies. Sometimes seniors can pick up hobbies they used to do and find that they still enjoy them. Other times seniors may want to try several different types of hobbies so they can find something they really connect with. Continuing education classes, museums with art classes, and even restaurants with cooking classes are all good opportunities for seniors to try out different activities on a short-term basis to see what they enjoy doing.

Social Connections

Seniors also need to have a good social support system to keep them emotionally well. Seniors can rely on their adult children for some of their social connections, but they also need to connect with their peers. Senior centers are a fantastic resource for seniors who want to make friends, take some classes, and have a place to go to socially interact. Many seniors find that they can build an active and fulfilling social life by going to their local senior center.

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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita