Why Your Mom Wants to Age in Place

Age in Place: Senior Home Care Haverford PA

Age in Place: Senior Home Care Haverford PA

Four out of five older adults state it’s their wish to age in place. This means remaining in their own home or choice of residence, for as long as they are able to. They dislike the thought of having to move to a senior community, a new neighborhood, or into their grown child’s home. Your mom admits she wants to age in place, but what are some of the main reasons most senior adults don’t want to move?

It’s A Lot of Work

Moving is exhausting. You have to pack everything up, load a truck or hire a moving company, and then unpack and put everything away. You have to figure out furniture arrangements and get used to new sounds at night.

Plus, selling your current home requires a deep clean, new paint, and minimizing. Then, there are all of the strangers coming to look at your home, requiring your mom to leave her home for a few hours.

Once her home sells, there are the fees to pay the realtor, bank meetings to transfer the property, and all of the time and money it takes to buy a new home, too. It can cost a lot of money in legal and realtor fees to sell a home.

Fear of the Unknown

Moving to a new home or community can be stressful. Not only is a move stressful, but there are concerns over what happens if you move and dislike the new area. Your mom may fear moving and learning her neighbors aren’t very friendly or make more noise than she’s accustomed to.

Her new home may not be conveniently located to her doctor’s office. The drive there takes twice as long and isn’t something she can manage on her own. Stores may not be within walking distance like they used to be.

She Likes Her Neighbors

Your mom is friends with her neighbors. She’s able to socialize with them regularly. They help each other out as needed.

If your mom needs her driveway shoveled, she knows her neighbor will do it. In return, she’s happy to watch their kids when the parents go grocery shopping. It’s a beneficial friendship that she enjoys and takes comfort in.

The Home Design Is Ideal for Aging

Aging in place does require some thought into what makes the home safe for aging. A bathroom and bedroom on the main floor are important. So are features like easy access to the outside, a bath or shower with no edge to step over, and smart features like lights that turn on and off with a vocal command.

Sometimes, features need to be added to make it ideal. When it’s possible to arrange a one-level living layout, it’s best for your mom as she ages and has a harder time going up and down the stairs or seeing objects in the dark.

Their Community Offers the Most Important Features

When asked what their ideal community offers, older adults put high-speed internet near the top of the list. Clean water, access to fresh produce and quality food, comprehensive medical services, and safe public spaces were also important.

One of the best ways to ensure your mom can age in place is by arranging supportive senior home care. Talk to your mom about the things she could use help completing. From there, book senior home care services to match her needs.

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