Who Comes to Your Home With Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled Nursing CareYour dad had a stroke and is about to come home. His doctor recommends skilled nursing care services to help him at home. What will skilled nurses do? What are their roles?


A range of nurses will come to your dad’s home to take care of him. He may have a feeding tube for now until he’s swallowing on his own. Nurses can administer tube feedings and make sure the tube is inserted properly and free of any clogs or blockages.

Nurses can track your dad’s blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation levels each day. If there are any concerning changes, the nurses can contact his doctors and discuss what to do or if he needs to return to the hospital.

Instead of going to the hospital for IV infusions or medications, your dad’s nurses can set them up in his home. He won’t have to travel or recuperate in an uncomfortable hospital bed. He’s at home, in his own bed, and feeling a lot more comfortable as he recovers.

Is your dad’s diet changing? You’re the family caregiver and want to do everything possible to protect your dad’s health. You aren’t sure what to make for your dad now that he had a stroke and has been diagnosed with other health issues like diabetes, heart disease, or high cholesterol. A skilled nurse can go over meal planning that matches your dad’s dietary needs.

Your dad has several medications to take each day to prevent another stroke and better manage his blood pressure. A nurse will administer them at the proper time and make sure he takes them correctly. If he needs to take medications through an injection or IV line, his nurse will take care of it.

A stroke has a lasting effect on your dad’s emotional well-being. Depression is common following a stroke. His nurse can assess his mental health and alert his doctor if he is showing signs of depression or anxiety. If he’s isolating himself, the nurse will work with him to get him through the emotional aspects that occur after a stroke.

In-Home Therapists

Is your dad in need of speech, occupational, and physical therapy? Instead of getting him loaded in your car several times a week, have the therapists come to his home. He’ll work with therapists to regain strength, endurance, and muscle control.

Speech therapy is often the most important therapy to start with. If your dad cannot swallow well, the risk of aspiration pneumonia is great. A speech therapist helps him swallow safely to avoid this problem.

Skilled nursing care helps your dad recover from his health emergency, and it eases your stress at the same time. Make sure your dad has the medical support he needs. Talk to a skilled nursing care specialist to arrange the necessary services.

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