What Is Occupational Therapy For Seniors?

Occupational Therapy Glenholden PA

Occupational Therapy Glenholden PA

If you have a senior loved one that is aging in place, occupational therapy could help them maintain the ability to take care of themselves at home. You probably already know some types of therapy, like physical therapy which helps seniors maintain their muscle strength and mobility. But if you’ve never heard of occupational therapy before that’s ok, many people haven’t.

Occupational therapy is a collection of exercises that are designed to help anyone, including seniors, hang onto or recover the skills they need for activities of daily living. What does that mean for seniors?

Some of the skills that occupational therapy can help seniors with are things like:

  • Brushing teeth
  • Holding utensils
  • Putting on socks
  • Tying shoelaces
  • Opening drawers
  • Gripping door knobs
  • Walking with an even gait
  • Fine motor skills
  • Cognitive processing
  • Problem solving
  • Visual perception
  • Sensory processing

And many more. Seniors can benefit from occupational therapy at any age to help them maintain their ability to live at home and take care of themselves. If your senior parent fits any of these criteria then they can benefit from occupational therapy.

Seniors Who Are Recovering From A Fall

After seniors have had a fall and have spent time in the hospital or in a rehab facility healing from the injuries caused by the fall they often need occupational therapy to help them recover the abilities they used to have. With the right exercises seniors may be able to once again perform activities of daily living that make it easier for them to live at home. Home care can provide support for seniors after a fall while they have occupational therapy at home. Starting occupational therapy as soon as seniors come home after a fall can make the recovery process quicker.

Seniors That Have Had A Stroke

Strokes can cause a wide variety of damage. It’s normal for seniors to need occupational therapy after a stroke to help them recover skills like being able to grip a fork or button a shirt. If there was temporary paralysis caused by the stroke the exercises involved in occupational therapy can speed up the recovery of the use of muscles by building muscle strength and improving fine motor control so that your senior parent is able to direct their muscle movement more effectively. Occupational therapy for seniors at home can make getting to therapy much easier for seniors who are still struggling to improve their mobility after a stroke.

Seniors That Have Alzheimer’s

Nothing can stop the progression of Alzheimer’s. But the emphasis on cognitive skills, problem solving, and sensory processing in occupational therapy can help seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s delay the progression of the symptoms. Seniors who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s should start occupational therapy as soon as they can after their diagnosis. Starting therapy right away will help seniors maintain their cognitive skills as long as possible. An occupational therapist will also be able to track any changes in abilities that your senior loved one has.

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