What Care Needs Do Family Caregivers Assist With?

Home Care in Media

Home Care in Media

As a family caregiver, how are you helping your dad each day? Three out of five older adults need help with at least one activity of daily living (ADLs). These are the top six ways family caregivers help their parents every day.


1. Getting Out of Bed, Sitting Down, or Standing Back Up

Two out of five older adults need help getting in and out of bed or when sitting down and standing up. He can sit by himself, but he lacks the leg strength to stand back up. He might have a hard time with balance when he gets out of bed first thing in the morning.


2. Assistance With Dressing

Thirty-one percent of older adults need help choosing appropriate clothing each day. They may not understand the weather forecast or know what clothing is suitable for the daily temperatures. Likewise, your dad needs help buttoning his shirts and pants, zipping zippers on his coat and pants, and tying his sneakers.


3. Using the Toilet

Toileting assistance is certainly something that 23% of family caregivers help with. Your dad needs help getting to and from the toilet and cleaning up after himself. That’s pretty common when it comes to helping with ADLs.


4. Help With Baths or Showers

Bathing and showering can also be challenging for older adults. Standing on a slippery floor is risky. Three out of ten family caregivers help their parents with baths and showers.

You can simplify this daily routine by having a shower seat for your dad. Grab bars are also important.


5. Assistance With Meals

Your dad’s fine motor skills aren’t as sharp as they used to be. He has a hard time getting food from a plate to his mouth. This is especially common with many forms of dementia. He needs someone to help guide his hand to his mouth or feed him. Three out of ten family caregivers assist with this daily activity.


6. Incontinence Care

Almost 20% of older adults suffer from incontinence. They don’t always make it to the bathroom on time. Or, they are sleeping and wake up because of urinary leakage. Your dad knows all about that, as he has a hard time getting to the toilet on time and frequently suffers from urinary leaks.

Your dad needs reminders to go to the bathroom before it’s urgent. If he has an accident, he also needs help getting new clothes, changing his sheets and mattress pad, and cleaning up.


While you support your dad with one or more of these ADLs, who is supporting you? Make sure you take breaks from time to time by arranging home care services. A home care specialist can help you get started with the arrangements.

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