Tips for Talking to a Senior Parent About Hygiene

Personal Care at Home in Chadds Ford

Personal Care at Home in Chadds Ford

As your senior parent gets older, they may start to have trouble keeping up good hygiene. It’s very common for seniors to experience incontinence as they get older. Even if they don’t have any underlaying medical conditions that make them prone to incontinence. Seniors may also develop arthritis. Which makes it difficult to wash in the shower, turn on the faucet, or hold a toothbrush. If you notice your senior parent has some hygiene challenges, it can be awkward to talk to them about it. But you can use these tips to make it less awkward:

Get Information About Personal Care At Home

Personal care at home is a specialized type of home care focused on helping seniors shower, brush their teeth, and attend other hygiene procedures. Dressing, bathing, and using the restroom are all part of personal care at home. Personal care at home is something many seniors prefer, instead of having a family member help them with hygiene tasks. Talk to a local agency about personal care for your senior parent. Then, you can share that information with them. Suggest they try it out to see if personal care can help them maintain good hygiene at home.

Ask If There’s Anything They Need

Your senior parent might need to switch to disposable briefs. Or they might need different items to help maintain their hygiene, like a large handled tooth brush designed for seniors. While being sensitive to the fact that it’s just as awkward for them as you, ask them if there are pieces of adaptive equipment that you can get for them to make it easier for them to maintain their hygiene.

Be Sensitive To Their Dignity

Always remember that it’s probably very difficult for your senior parent to discuss personal matters, especially with you. Many seniors were taught that hygiene issues or anything related to physical health were shameful to talk about. So they may not want to talk to you about hygiene issues. You can ask them if they would rather talk to a friend or home care provider about the issues they are having, and then you can get that information from the friend or care provider. Try to make the conversation as easy as possible.

Keep Your Tone Positive

It’s important that you not come across as negative or shaming when talking to your senior parent about their hygiene related issues. Keep your tone positive and emphasize that you are looking for solutions, and not blaming them for anything. All that matters is finding a solution that your senior parent is comfortable with, so don’t make accusatory statements, issue ultimatums, or tell your senior parent what to do. Just open a dialog about the issues they’re having, and stress to them that you’re doing it because you want to help, not because they did anything wrong or bad.

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