The Best Kitchen Safety Tips for Seniors

Elder Care in Glenolden

Elder Care in Glenolden

Seniors who are aging in place have a high risk of accidents and falls. This is especially true in rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom. But seniors and their families can take steps to make those rooms safer. With a little creativity, some organizing supplies, and attention to detail, seniors can be perfectly safe cooking in their kitchens. Some of the most recommended kitchen safety tips and tricks for seniors aging in place include:

Use Anti Slip Mats

Most people think about bathroom floors being slippery and being a slip and fall risk for seniors. However, few think about the kitchen floor. Seniors can also be at risk on kitchen floors. Water and food can be spilled on the floors, making it difficult for seniors to safely walk on the floor. It’s a good idea to use anti-slip mats in the kitchen and bathroom. If your senior loved one doesn’t want to use anti-slip mats, you can buy small, cushioned mats to prevent falls.

Keep Everything At Arm Height

Seniors can have a hard time bending down to reach into cupboards. Getting to crackpots or waffle makers, usually stored in lower cupboards, can be difficult. They can also have trouble reaching pots and pans on racks or utensils on walls or pegboards. If your senior loved one has elder care, the elder care provider can help them reach things. However, the elder care provider won’t be there all the time. It’s best to put everything your senior parent uses frequently on the counter or hang at arm height. Then, they don’t need to reach up or bend far down to get the things they use every day.

Use Smart Plugs For Gadgets

One of the dangers seniors face in the kitchen is forgetting to turn off things like the coffee pot, the egg boiler, or the toaster oven. If you put those appliances and gadgets on smart plugs, your senior parent or elder care provider can control them with their voice through an app or a virtual assistant. You can also turn them off yourself with an app. So if your senior loved one forgets to turn them off, it will be easy for you to turn them off no matter where you are.

Put Appliances On Timers

Another thing seniors sometimes forget to do is turn off or run appliances. If you put appliances on timers, they will shut themselves off if your senior loved one forgets to shut them off. For example, you can set the coffee pot to turn off after a couple hours, if your senior loved one forgets to turn it off. Or you can set the dishwasher to run on a timer, so your senior loved one doesn’t forget to turn on the dishwasher.

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