The Benefits Of Skilled Nursing At Home For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Skilled NursingIf you have a senior parent that has Alzheimer’s and you’re worried about their ability to live alone and get the medical care they need to manage their Alzheimer’s and other medical conditions you should know that skilled nursing is available for seniors in their homes. A medical professional can come to your senior parent’s home to provide routine medical care and help them manage chronic conditions. With skilled nursing care at home your senior parent can get one on one care in the privacy of their home which will give them better care and make medical care less traumatic for them. A few of the benefits of skilled nursing care at home for seniors with Alzheimer’s are:

No Disruption

Seniors that have Alzheimer’s need to stick to their routine. Their usual daily routine is what makes them feel stable and safe. If their routine is disrupted by having to get dressed earlier, leave the house, go to an unfamiliar place, and have someone poke and prod them it can throw off their sense of stability and it may take days to get it back. When a medical professional comes to the house to provide medical care it’s much less disruptive to the daily routine so seniors can have that sense of stability and security they need.

No Hassle To Get To Appointments

Getting a senior parent with Alzheimer’s to a medical appointment can feel like running a marathon. It’s not uncommon for an adult child to have to take an entire morning or afternoon off from work just to get a senior parent to one appointment. Getting them ready for the appointment, then getting out the door and making the drive to the doctor’s office, and then navigating the parking lot and the building to get to the actual office can be very difficult emotionally and physically. But with skilled nursing at home your senior parent can stay in their home, and you just have to be there for the length of the appointment. If you can’t be there a home care provider could fill in for you and help out.

Better Medical Care

Seniors who get skilled nursing at home will get better medical care. Your senior parent will be more relaxed and more likely to let the nurse do what they need to do. And the nurse will be able to spend more one-on-one time with your senior parent so they will be able to get a better assessment of your senior parent’s health.

It Won’t Upset Your Senior Parent

It can be very difficult to calm and soothe a senior parent with Alzheimer’s if they are scared or upset. Going to the doctor can evoke a fear response in seniors with Alzheimer’s because it’s unfamiliar, frightening, and involves having lots of people they don’t recognize near them. Getting skilled nursing at home is less upsetting and scary for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita