Technology Is Helping Seniors Stay Safer at Home

Technology may be something people avoid, at least older individuals, but while it can certainly complicate things and there are negatives to it, there are also many positives.

Consider safety for aging seniors at home. Technology has been an incredible benefit. It has helped elderly men and women, especially those who live alone or have certain risk factors, be more confident each day.

There are many different types of technology to rely on. Home care has become more dependent on technology to monitor their clients’ health, vital stats, and even relay that information to the client’s doctor. For seniors, whether they rely on home care or not, technology could be a benefit. Let’s look at the many ways this could happen.


Homecare in Media PA: Technology

Homecare in Media PA: Technology


Monitoring devices.

Whether it’s a home security system or a medical alert device, an elderly person could be safer having these systems in place. How could a home security system keep them safer, other than the obvious (preventing or minimizing the risk of a break-in)?

Well, some of these home security systems have heat sensors that can detect when a person is moving throughout the room. Imagine having a heat sensor in the bedroom and bathroom. Imagine that elderly person gets up and walks to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Maybe a timer is set or a monitoring station is programmed to observe these things behind the scenes. The senior is detected having entered the bathroom, but after 15 minutes they are still in there.

That monitoring station could then try to make contact with the senior, and notify emergency services if they can’t reach him or her. What could’ve happened? Maybe the elderly person slipped and fell and can no longer get up. Or they suffered a medical emergency and need help right away.


These monitoring devices can provide a wealth of benefits.

-Reminder devices and apps.
Maybe there is an appointment coming up. Maybe the senior needs to take a prescription medication at a specific time. Using smartphones and tablets, other devices, and apps can all help keep that senior safer so they don’t miss one of these important times throughout the day.

-Remote health monitoring.
As mentioned, home health care aides or visiting nurses can monitor vital stats and relay information directly to the client’s doctor. The doctor can then keep a close eye on what he or she is facing, what health issues may be on the horizon, or if they want this person to come in immediately for follow-up care.

Using smartphones and tablets, laptops, and other devices, aging seniors can video teleconference more easily with their loved ones, whether they are right down the street or around the world. This is a great way to help elderly men and women, especially those who are living alone, stay up-to-date, connected, about the goings-on in the lives of their loved ones.


It can also help families be more encouraging and even help that aging seniors recognize potential safety risks that surround them each day with technology.


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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita