Stuck Inside? Recruit Lots of Visitors

Home Care Assistance Berwyn

Home Care Assistance Berwyn

Is your parent stuck inside for a while? Maybe she’s recovering from a procedure, or perhaps the weather is keeping her inside. No matter the reason, being stuck inside can cause days to drag on and dampen a person’s spirits. One of the best things to lift a person’s spirits is to have guests visit.

What Can You Do?

As a caregiver of an elderly loved one, you might find you just don’t have enough time. Sadly, you can’t spend all the time your elderly loved one would like at their home. You have plenty of responsibilities – both for your aging parent and for the rest of your family. For that reason, it’s a great idea to recruit some help. Ask others to help keep your parent entertained and busy as she’s stuck inside.

Family Members

Family members are always a great resource. Now is the time to call in the troops. Creating a schedule so everyone doesn’t visit in one day will be helpful. If it’s not a health issue, children can be welcome to visit and give out plenty of hugs and giggles. They can play silly games with your parent, or simply sit and listen to Grandma read them stories. Whatever helps your parent feel better and loved. Older family members can bring meals and not only drop them off, but also share the meal with your parent. Eating alone can often feel lonely, especially if a person is already down from recovering from a frightening procedure or surgery.

Home Care Assistance

If your family members are few and far between, you might want to hire professional services from a home care assistance provider. Home care assistance can come in for visits to play board games, card games, or even just to chat over a cup of coffee. One of the benefits of having someone from home care assistance visit is that they can also do a health check on your parent and let you know how your parent is doing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Family members often miss what skilled home care assistance providers can pick up on.

Faith Communities

Don’t forget other resources. If your parent is active in her faith community, it’s likely that her church, mosque, or synagogue has a service team that will provide visits and meals for those who are homebound. Even if you aren’t a part of that community, they will usually happily talk to family members about how they can help.

Neighbors and Friends

Neighbors and friends of your elderly loved one are also good resources. While they may not visit often, they might help with a weekly delivery and perhaps a small visit. Your parent might even be able to entice them to sit for a bit and help her find a particular puzzle piece.

It takes a village in all aspects of caring for one another, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help when you need it.

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