Skilled Nursing Care Is Essential During Cancer Treatments

Skilled Nursing in Ardmore

Skilled Nursing in Ardmore

In 2020, over 2 million people died from lung cancer. It’s the most deadly cancer and the second-most diagnosed cancer in the world. In the U.S., more than 236,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed each year. Men are more likely to get this form of cancer. Your dad is one of them. The biopsy shows it’s cancer. So, what happens now?

Firstly, determine if the cancer is localized to the lungs or if it has spread. Also, determining the cancer’s stage. This impacts what his treatment plan entails.

His oncologist may recommend surgery to remove the cancerous tissue. After surgery, he might need to undergo radiation and chemo. Targeted drug therapy is also mentioned. But, you’re not sure what to do next. Take a breath and start discussing the importance of skilled nursing care.

Post-Surgery Recovery

If your dad undergoes surgery, certainly, he will need time to recover. His medical team may agree that he can recover at home, providing he has a strong support team. Skilled nursing care is one of the best ways to ensure he has the required support team.

With skilled nursing care, he has someone there to help him with wound care. His nurse can tell if his incision is healing properly or if something is wrong. He also has a skilled medical professional who can set up IV lines and administer medications through the IV if needed.

Radiation and Chemotherapy Treatments

Radiation and chemotherapy can leave your dad feeling weak and nauseous. If he’s not drinking enough, dehydration is a risk. A skilled nurse can administer fluids through an IV line to ensure he’s not dehydrated or missing essential minerals and vitamins that he needs to stay healthy.

His nurse can also talk to the doctor if there are medications that could help him feel better. If he’s especially nauseous, his nurse could talk to his oncologist about anti-nausea medications. Once approved, his nurse can administer them.

Targeted Drug Therapy

If your dad’s oncologist believes drugs might help treat the type of lung cancer he has, then he may avoid a trip to the hospital. A skilled nurse can administer some IV medications with the doctor’s instructions.

Arrange skilled nursing care as soon as you know your dad’s cancer treatment plan. Make sure he has the support of nurses in his home to ensure he has the best possible care. Call an agency today to learn more.

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