Skilled Nursing Care at Home

Skilled Nursing Care at Home

Everything You Should Know About Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nurses help with several aspects of post-surgical recovery, recuperation following an illness, or management of a chronic health condition that needs special care. Here are the different areas where they assist your dad at home.

Health Checks

When he’s sent home from the hospital after a health event like a heart attack, your dad’s doctors will want him to check his blood pressure regularly. He needs to have his pulse, blood pressure, and even oxygen saturation levels monitored. A skilled nurse can check these readings and record them in his medical chart for his doctors to look at.

Home Catheter Care

Your dad’s coming home, but he’ll have a catheter in place for now. Caring for that is beyond your skill set. A skilled nurse handles catheter care by making sure the catheter is working properly and removing it should he no longer need it in place.

IV Lines, Infusions, and Injections

Your dad has certain medications or infusions of liquids or nutrients that have to be given each day. You cannot set up an IV line, but a skilled nurse can. He won’t have to return to the hospital again and again to get his next infusion or an IV line set up. If there are any medications your dad is given through an injection, he can avoid having to go to this doctor’s office to get them. His skilled nurse can inject the medications he’s prescribed.

Medication Administration

Along with injectable medications, your dad has medications he has to take orally. He can’t keep track of them. Some have to be taken with a meal, others are taken on an empty stomach, and others have to be taken every four hours.  Skilled nurses can administer medications. They can discuss medication changes with your dad’s doctors and assist if he’s having stronger side effects than normal.

Patient Education

Your dad’s health requires him to learn how to take care of himself. It might also mean his family caregivers need to learn what to do, too. Skilled nurses can teach patients and their family members what to do. This can include learning how to plan weekly menus and prepare foods that are low-sodium and safe for someone with kidney disease or learning how to cook meals and check blood sugars when you’re diabetic.

Wound Care

If your dad had surgery, he will have incisions that need to be cleaned and bandaged. They need to be checked for signs of infection each day. A nurse can do that and alert your dad’s surgeon if his incision is not healing as expected. Wound care also covers care of things like a sore on the foot that became infected. Your dad’s nurse can change the bandages and clean his sore each day while it heals. Arrange skilled nursing care after talking to his doctors about his care needs when he’s at home. His doctors will have the guidance needed to schedule the skilled nursing care services that will help his recovery the most.

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