What Services Does Home Health Care Offer After Heart Surgery?

Your dad is about to undergo heart surgery. Before he leaves the hospital, his doctor recommends having home health care services lined up. What types of services would he need?


Home Health Care in Berwyn PA: Heart Care

Home Health Care in Berwyn PA: Heart Care


Home Health Care Visits With Therapists

Your dad needs to build his strength after the heart surgery. Instead of traveling to a physical therapy clinic, arrange to have physical therapists come to his home. He’ll learn exercises that help him build strength and stamina.

Spend time with your dad when his physical therapist is there. You can learn the best way to encourage him to repeat the exercises when the physical therapist isn’t there. The therapist may want your dad to get up and take a few 10-minute walks each day. You’ll learn the best way to keep your dad motivated.


Nursing Visits For Post-Surgical Needs

He can have nurses stop by for a range of services. If he has an incision that’s healing, nurses can change his bandages, clean the wound, and make sure it’s healing correctly. If there are concerns, the home health nurses can talk to his surgeon.

Your dad may be taking pain medications. His nurses can help administer the pain medications. If he needs an IV line for antibiotics, nurses can take care of that in his home. Nurses can also take his pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels. He won’t have to go back to the hospital for these treatments.

When an IV line needs to come out, the home health care nurse can remove it. You won’t have to get your dad into the car, drive to the hospital, and then drive him back home. With some surgeries, the nurse may be allowed to remove the stitches, too.

Throughout the healing process, the nurse and surgeon can communicate. If there are concerns, the nurse will learn what to do there or whether your dad should go back to the hospital.


Cooking a Heart-Healthy Diet

Your dad’s diet is one of the biggest hurdles. He’s used to frozen pizzas, fast food, and take-out meals. It was easy for him, as he doesn’t like to cook. You and your dad can work with a dietitian through home health care and learn how to prepare heart-healthy meals.

With the dietitian’s help, he’ll learn what is in his home that needs to go. He’ll know what foods he should keep in his cabinets, fridge, and freezer. He’ll also learn ways to prepare nutritious meals without relying on salt for flavor.

Call an agency when you’ve talked to your dad’s doctor and know what home health care services best meet his needs. Talk to a specialist in home health care to arrange services and learn more about prices.


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