Senior Safety Tips: Safety First! For Seniors, Professional, Experienced Care Can Make This Happen

Senior Safety Tips: One of the most important things for the family when worried about an aging parent, grandparent, or other loved one is safety.

Senior Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Safety

Senior Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Safety


People want to put safety first, as they should. However, it’s not the only concern for someone of advancing years.
Too often, while the family may step up to support their elderly parent, their first and only focus is safety. That means they could inadvertently discourage the senior from participating in a wide range of interests, things that are still important to him or her. Continue reading for these senior safety tips

What is that going to do to their quality of life? What is that going to do to impact the relationship that the family caregiver has with the senior?

To answer the first question: it will likely negatively impact their quality of life.

This isn’t the goal of a family caregiver. Not at all. No one steps up and provides care and support for an elderly parent with the goal of destroying their quality of life.

They want their mother or father or other senior safe. That’s their priority. But often in their desire to focus on safety, they tend to discourage or even forbid that senior from doing certain things they would normally want to do.
This might include activities, walking, or playing games with friends. When that happens, the senior will probably begin reporting a lower quality of life. Since they’re not able to do the things they want, to pursue things of interest, they might not think this is much of a life to enjoy.

Quality of life is important for people of any age. It doesn’t matter whether they are young or old; each person deserves to live a life they enjoy, regardless of limitations. That doesn’t mean they will be able to do everything they want, but that they should have the right to try to do what they want if it’s safe still.

Senior care usually steps in to provide the right level of care while also encouraging their aging clients to pursue what they want, so long as it can be done safely still.

To answer the second question: it could put a strain on the relationship.

If you’re supporting your mother, for example, and telling her what she can or can’t do (because you’re worried about her safety first), what’s going to happen? She’ll probably start pushing back.
She’ll want to do some of the things you’re telling her not to do.

Is that fair? It’s often not a matter of fairness, but rather a concern about her safety. Yet, the longer this goes on, the more your mother would become frustrated in not being able to enjoy the things that are still important to her, the more tension will build between you and her. That is going to put a strain on your relationship.

Senior care will still focus on safety, but when you’re no longer having to be the one telling her what she can or can’t do, should or shouldn’t do, then you can focus on being her family, her support, her friend. That’s the gift senior care offers. For more questions about senior safety tips, please call us at the number below.

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