Is it Time to Increase Home Care Services for Your Senior?

The idea of having home care help more often for your senior might feel like a great idea for you, but your senior might be a little wary of the idea.

Home Care providers can offer a lot of assistance to your senior, especially when her life and her needs are continuing to change. Knowing when to increase the time that elderly care providers spend with your senior can feel complicated.

Senior Care in Philadelphia PA: Increase Elderly Care Services

Senior Care in Philadelphia PA: Increase Home Care Services


She’s Getting More UTIs or Having Other Health Issues

Urinary tract infections become more common for aging adults, especially if your senior isn’t drinking enough water. If other health issues are becoming more of an issue, too, it can be helpful to have home care providers there with your senior a little bit more. They can be on the lookout for potential issues.


You’re More Concerned about Her Fall Risk

Falls are a tremendous health hazard for aging adults. Home care providers have experience not only assisting aging family members with avoiding falls, but they understand fall risks, too. They can alert you to environmental factors and let you know what they’re seeing so that you can take action.


She’s Experiencing Cognitive Changes

Cognitive changes can be scary for your senior. If her brain isn’t working in the same ways that it used to, she may start to lose her sense of time or even place, becoming disoriented. It can help to have someone else there with her who can assist with reorienting her as often as she needs.


She Needs More Companionship Like Home Care

Social needs change over time for everyone, including your senior. It might be possible that she’s got a greater need for companionship now than she has in the past. If you’re not able to help meet those needs, then elderly care providers are an excellent option.


Her Ability to Keep up with ADLs Is Changing And Home Care Can Help

Your senior’s ability to continue to manage activities of daily living is also going to change. It’s going to become more difficult for her to shower and to get dressed, prepare meals, and more. Having home care providers there to help her ensures that she’s able to keep living in her home on her terms, without sacrificing those basic needs.

It helps to periodically re-evaluate your senior’s needs. As you do so, you can identify exactly when she needs more help or needs help of a different type from what she’s had in the past.


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