Senior Home Care Helps Senior With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Senior Home Care in Bala Cynwyd

Senior Home Care in Bala Cynwyd

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a depressive disorder that can affect seniors more than other groups. Seniors are already prone to depression. Likewise, the lack of sunlight during the winter can trigger symptoms of depression like fatigue, irritability, and extreme sadness. Seasonal Affective Disorder can be even worse for seniors who recently lost a partner.

There are some things that can help seniors battle SAD. One of the best ways seniors fight SAD is to have senior home care. When seniors have 24-hour home care, they are never alone. There is someone with them around the clock, making sure they have everything they need. Having companionship at night can help alleviate some of those feelings of loneliness and sadness associated with SAD. Senior home care also helps seniors by:

Providing Peace Of Mind

Seniors often have anxiety at night, because they start to worry about things like home security or their medical equipment malfunctioning at night. Being alone can be very hard on seniors at night. But with senior home care, seniors won’t worry as much, because they will know that they have someone with them who can ensure their medical equipment is working correctly, turn on the security lights, and do other things that will help them feel safe and secure at night.

Providing Assistance With Medical Care

In a medical emergency, it can provide peace of mind for you and your senior loved one, so that someone is there to get emergency help for your senior loved one and let you know that something has happened. Seniors who fall at home often fall at night when they are trying to get in or out of bed or to get to the bathroom. When a caregiver is with your senior loved one overnight, there is less chance they will fall because they will have assistance. But if they do fall, there is someone there that can ensure your senior parent gets immediate help.

Contacting Families in the Case of Emergency

No family member likes the idea of something happening to their senior parent when they aren’t there. But the fact is that many seniors have accidents, strokes, heart attacks, and other emergencies at all times of the day and night, including late at night. If your senior loved one doesn’t have 24 hour care, they may not be able to call you to tell you they need help. Your senior parent could be in trouble, and you wouldn’t know. But with 24 hour care, you will know immediately if your senior parent is having a health emergency.

Keeping Seniors Connected

Loneliness can worsen depression and SAD. It’s also hard for seniors living alone not to feel lonely at night. During the day, they may be too busy to feel lonely, but most seniors feel lonely at night. Having a caregiver with them will keep your senior parent from feeling lonely and isolated.

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