Senior Health: Beneficial Vitamins and Minerals That Your Mom Gets From These Six Berries

Senior Health: Millions of older Americans struggle with food security.

Around 5 million of them get an average of $30 a week for groceries. So, where does your mom fit in? Is your mom getting the vitamins and minerals she needs from the foods she eats to help her senior health?

While saving money on groceries is important, some foods are easier to afford than others. Dried beans offer a lot of fiber and nutrients that help keep your mom healthy. She also needs to focus on vegetables and fruits. Frozen berries are packed with essential nutrients and last longer than fresh fruit. Here are the vitamins and minerals berries contain.


Home Care in Bryn Mawr PA: Senior Health

Home Care in Bryn Mawr PA: Senior Health


These cousins to red raspberries contain half your daily vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron and improves collagen production.

They’re also high in fiber and vitamin K. If your mom doesn’t get enough vitamin K, it can cause her bones to thin out and lead to easier bruising. They’re also low on the glycemic index, making them a good choice of snack for people with diabetes.


Blueberries are unique in that they have their distinct blue-purple color. This color is caused by anthocyanin, which is a compound linked to several health benefits. For example, blueberries are believed to help lower the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, help with healthy eyesight, fight inflammation, and help reduce cancer cells’ chance of forming tumors.


Cranberries contain vitamins C, E, and K. They’re also very rich in several antioxidants that benefit the heart by lowering bad cholesterol levels and increasing good ones.

One of the reasons that so many nutritionists recommend them is because of the phytonutrients. Studies show that these A-type proanthocyanidins play a small role in keeping E. coli bacteria from sticking to the lining in the bladder and urinary tract, which may lower the risk of developing a UTI.

Red Raspberries

Red raspberries don’t have a long shelf life. They’re best purchased frozen or harvested at a local farm and frozen when you get home. As benefits, they’re high in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin E. They also contain 5 percent of your daily requirement of iron.


Like other berries, strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C. One serving contains just over a quarter of your daily requirement of fiber. In addition, they’re rich in antioxidants that help fight inflammation. The seeds on the outside of a strawberry contain omega-3 fatty acids, too.

Would your mom benefit from having help with her grocery shopping trips? Would it help her to have a caregiver available to cook healthy meals each week? Elder care services help with these daily and weekly tasks to ensure better senior health.

You can have an elder care aide stop by once a week to take your mom shopping. Then, back at home, the caregiver can put away the groceries in cupboards, the refrigerator, and the freezer. That caregiver can also cook meals that meet your mom’s nutritional requirements. Call an elder care agency to learn more.


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