How to Talk to Your Employer about Caregiving

At some point, you’re probably going to have to talk to your employer about caregiving and how it’s affecting your work life. As much as you might want to avoid that talk, it can help you and your company in the long run.


Senior Care in Philadelphia PA: Caregiving and Work

Senior Care in Philadelphia PA: Caregiving and Work



Determine What You Are Comfortable Sharing

You really don’t have to share every little detail about what you and your senior are going through with your employer. You only have to share as much as you’re comfortable sharing and in many cases that might be limited to just that you’re caring for a senior family member. That’s okay, because you’re not required to share every single detail.


This Shouldn’t Be an Emotional Talk

One thing you do want to avoid is being overly emotional during your talk. It’s completely understandable that your emotions are heavily involved. But this is a talk with your employer about how caregiving affects your job. You want to make sure you’re still approaching this in a professional manner from the start.


Focus on Your Job

With that in mind, you need to keep the focus on your job and on how important your job is to you. you don’t have to make anything up, but it never hurts for your employer to understand that you do love what you do and that it’s just as important in your life. This also doesn’t have to be the main focus.


Offer Answers, Not Problems

You need to be able to offer up potential solutions to what’s going on and not just the problems themselves. For instance, if the problem is that you can only hire elder care providers during certain hours, which are not your work hours, you need to brainstorm some possible answers, too. You might suggest changing your shift at work or ask about working from home.


You Might Be Shocked What Solutions Your Employer Has

Believe it or not, your employer might have some answers to offer as well. This is especially the case in much larger companies that are trying to serve a massive workforce. They can help you to find the resources you might be lacking right now.

It’s not easy to have these kinds of conversations. You might feel intimidated at first or as if this isn’t going to go your way. But more and more companies are working hard to support their employees as they care for family members, so it’s worth taking the time to have a talk.


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