What Are the Complications of Diabetes in Seniors?

Diabetes that is out of control can cause some serious health issues for your elderly family member. These complications from diabetes might even shorten her life if she’s not careful. These are just a few of the problems your elderly family member might face.


Senior Care in Media PA: Senior Diabetes Tips

Senior Care in Media PA: Senior Diabetes Tips


Eye Problems

Eye issues, up to and including blindness, is a huge complication resulting from diabetes. Your senior may not be able to focus her eyes well due to the changes that blood sugar levels create in her body. Over time, diabetes also affects blood circulation, which affects every part of your senior’s body, including her eyes. Damage to the tiny blood vessels in her eyes can eventually lead to blindness.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is a problem because your senior might experience “phantom” pains from the damaged nerves. Worse, though, is the fact that she might not experience genuine pain in those areas. That can mean she may injure herself and not realize it. That’s a recipe for much bigger problems down the road, especially if she ends up needing to have a limb amputated because of the nerve damage.

Sores and Infections

One of the worst side effects of reduced pain recognition from nerve damage is that your elderly family member may not realize that she’s gotten an open sore and she might develop an infection. Most people don’t realize how quickly an infection can spread from a small area into the bloodstream, causing extreme pain and even death.

Cardiac Issues

If your senior has out of control blood sugar levels, her cardiovascular system is also at risk. Your senior might have high blood pressure, heart disease, or even be at a much higher risk of having a stroke. All of these are massive reasons for her to get her blood sugar as under control as she possibly can.

Kidney Problems

When your senior’s blood sugar levels are higher than they should be, her kidneys are also working harder than they should be. Her kidneys filter waste products, including excess sugar, out of her body. Overtaxing these organs eventually causes them to shut down.


There may be other complications for your senior based on her own health history. Remembering to check her blood sugar and doing what she needs to do to keep her diabetes in check may be difficult. Having help from senior care providers can ensure that she’s following her care plan as closely as possible.


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