Safety Checks for Your Senior’s Stairs

There’s a lot of variety in stairs. Some stairways are longer or shorter, or even steeper, than others. The one thing that all of them have in common is that they can be a spot where some really bad accidents can happen, especially for older adults. Making your senior’s stairs as safe as possible means taking a closer look at what’s happening with them.


Senior Care in Media PA: Senior’s Stair Safety Tips

Senior Care in Media PA: Senior’s Stair Safety Tips


Remove Anything that Doesn’t Belong

Stairs need to be a very no-nonsense part of your elderly family member’s home. Anything cutesy or decorative needs to be removed because that can inadvertently become an obstacle. Clear away anything that doesn’t have any sort of business being on or around the stairs. If your senior objects, ask her to give a clear stairway a try for a while. She may soon realize that she feels safer navigating the stairs when they’re cleared off.


Add a Variety of Lighting Options

If the stairs are well-lit, that’s going to make seeing what’s happening a lot easier for your senior and for anyone helping her on the stairs. The easiest option for lighting is motion-sensing lights. These lights turn on automatically when the sensors detect movement and then turn off again after the movement has stopped for a few seconds. It might also be a good idea to make sure that there’s an easily accessible flashlight at the top and bottom of stairways.


Make Sure Handrails Are Secure

Handrails are often overlooked and yet that’s the first spot your senior will seek help if she loses her balance. Make sure that all handrails are properly secured and that they’re at a good height for your senior to grab. If possible, install another handrail on the other side of the stairway to double her options.


Keep the Treads Secure and Safe

The treads are one of the most dangerous spots on a set of stairs. Depending on the material involved, your senior may find the stairs to be slippery. Non-slip materials, like rubberized overlays, can help to make the stairs a little more stable. Throw or area rugs anywhere near the stairs can be immensely dangerous. Remove those, even if it means leaving that spot of flooring bare.

Part of helping your elderly family member to maintain her independence for as long as possible involves ensuring that she’s safe around obstacles like stairs. Home care providers can help you and your senior to spot safety hazards and get them corrected before something happens.

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