Healthy Planning Tips for Your Elderly Loved One

Do you want to help your elderly loved one live the most healthy and active life possible?
If so, there are many healthy planning tips that could help your elderly loved one. First, it is important to remember that you can’t push your elderly loved one. If they aren’t mentally or physically capable of doing certain things, don’t push them to do it. Be sure to follow these tips to make things better for your elderly loved ones in regard to their health.


Senior Care in Haverford PA: Healthy Planning Tips

Senior Care in Haverford PA: Healthy Planning Tips


Measurable Goals

One of the first things that you can do to help your elderly loved one is to ensure they are setting measurable goals. The goals should be something that your elderly loved one will be interested in, as well. For instance, if your elderly loved one would like to lose 10 lbs. In 3 months, make a measurable plan for them. This would include making a plan to lose so much weight every week. In the sub-goals, this may include exercising or eating healthier. Measurable goals seem more attainable for anyone, especially the elderly. If your elderly loved one needs help meeting these goals, you or their elderly care provider can help out.


Creating Workout Plans

You could also help your elderly loved ones by creating workout plans for them. Research has shown that elderly people need to exercise. If they don’t, it can lead to more health issues or a worsening of the health conditions they already have. You don’t have to make the exercises or workouts too difficult. A mixture of walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, and light weightlifting are all great options. Be sure the workout plan is something your elderly loved one can stick to long-term.


Being More Active Every Day

Studies show that it is best for the elderly to get a minimum of 2 ½ hours weekly of physical activity. This might seem like a lot when your elderly loved one thinks about it. However, if you can break it up for your elderly loved one into ½ an hour daily, it can seem easier. It might help to know that your loved one should do 1 hour weekly of strength-building activities. The rest of the time they can do mild aerobics or cardio activities.


Diet Plans

Does the word diet scare your elderly loved one? They don’t necessarily have to go on a diet. However, they should have a diet that is balanced. For instance, they should be getting foods from each food group. If you can help your elderly loved one to get daily servings of whole grains, dairy, meats, legumes, vegetables, and fruit that would be great. They should also be avoiding refined grains, sugar, salt, trans fats, and saturated fats.



All around, your elderly loved one should be living a healthy and active lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that your elderly loved one needs to make a bunch of changes all at once. However, if you and their elderly care providers can help implement these healthy planning tips, it can help your loved one more than you may realize.


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