Does Your Mom Live Alone?

Over four out of ten women over the age of 74 live alone. Your mom is part of that growing population of widows or single women at home alone as they age. While your mom currently lives alone, is it the right move? Should your mom be alone as she ages? Is senior care an option for her?


Senior Care in Berwyn PA: Aging In Place

Senior Care in Berwyn PA: Aging In Place


What Are Your Mom’s Goals?

Before making any decisions together, ask your mom about her goals. Many older adults do not want to move from their current homes. They want to remain in the home and community that’s familiar. It’s likely this is what your mom wants.

As you go over her plans for aging, talk about her health, her home’s layout, and other factors that can impact how easy it will be for her to age at home. If her home has multiple levels, is there a main level that has all of the rooms she needs – a kitchen, a living area, a place to sleep, and a bathroom?

If she can turn her home into a one-level living arrangement, aging at home is easily managed. She may need grab bars added in the bathroom and a ramp with sturdy rails leading out of her home. As long as that’s manageable, your mom’s in good shape for aging at home.


Senior Care Helps With Other Aspects of Aging

-What else will your mom need to age in place? If she’s relying on freezer meals and takeout, meal preparation services are one thing to put on a list of potential care services.

-Is her home clean? Does she do her laundry? If she struggles with housekeeping, home care services can help her stay in her home without worrying about household chores building up. She can also have caregivers help her with shopping and errands to ensure she has the food, medications, and household supplies that are needed each month.

-How about her own care needs? Does she remember to take her daily prescriptions or is she forgetting them regularly? Can she shower on her own or has she fallen when trying to get in and out of the bathtub?

-Does your mom brush and floss her teeth without a struggle? Can she tie her shoes, get dressed, and trim her nails on her own? If not, she may need help with personal care and grooming.

Senior care at home is one of the best ways to ensure your mom’s dream of aging at home doesn’t have to end. With the help of caregivers, your mom has the support she needs with activities of daily living.

Talk to a home care agency about the different services offered by area senior home care aides. Once you know more about the services and prices, you can book the services she needs.


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