What Are Some of the Special Services Offered by Home Health Care Nurses?

You’re familiar with home care services. You know you can have caregivers to help your mom by completing light housekeeping duties, drive her to stores, escort her to her appointments, cook her meals, and provide companionship.


Senior Care in Broomall PA: Home Health Care Nurses

Senior Care in Broomall PA: Home Health Care Nurses


Your mom had a stroke. Her doctor says before he will release her, home health care services must be arranged. If you can’t, he wants her sent to a rehab facility for several weeks. Your mom wants to go home, but you’re not sure what the differences are between home health care and home care. These are the special services that home health care provide

Fall Prevention

If your mom was prescribed a blood thinner, which is possible after a stroke, dizziness and weakness are among the common side effects. She may also experience changes to her vision. This adds to the risk of falling within her home.

Home health care nurses can point out risk factors in the house so that you can address them before your mom comes home. The nurses will work with her to reduce fall risks and help her learn self-care techniques that help lower the risk. She may also have home health care nurses working with physical therapists as she regains the full ability to walk and move around.


IV Care

If there are IV medications your mom needs to take, such as antibiotics or fluids, home health care nurses can administer them and change them as needed. The nurses can place the IV or remove one that the doctor feels is no longer needed.

Medication Management

If there are medications your mom needs, the home health care nurse can administer them. Nurses can talk to the doctor if medications aren’t working and see if they should be changed.
Pneumonia Recovery

Wound Care

If your mom had to have a surgical procedure to stop a brain bleed, home health care nurses can help with wound care. They’ll switch the bandages, make sure the wound is cleaned properly, and call the doctor if there are issues.

Other home health care services your mom’s doctor may recommend include in-home visits from speech therapists, patient/family caregiver education programs, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Talk to the doctor about your mom’s needs and see if the doctor has a recommendation for a local agency.

Call a home health care agency as soon as you can to make arrangements. Pair home health care with home care to make sure your mom’s personal care needs are also covered. While she regains use of her arms and legs and learns speech again, she’ll need help with laundry, housekeeping, grooming, and more. Call a home care agency to make sure those needs are also covered.


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