Prevent Disease By Caring for Your Mom’s Yard

As the gardening season kicks off, there is one thing families don’t always think about. Have you taken precautions to keep your mom safe in her yard this summer? If you haven’t considered some of the insects in her area that spread disease, you need to.


Senior Care in Berwyn PA: Senior Gardening Safety

Senior Care in Berwyn PA: Senior Gardening Safety


Biting Flies

Biting flies like black flies, deer flies, and horse flies are more than painful. The bites can become infected. If your mom is bitten by these flies, she should stop and rub the bite with alcohol to kill any germs. If the bite forms an itchy welt, she needs to avoid scratching it.

It’s hard to keep these flies away. They can travel. An insect repellent can help keep them from landing on and biting your mom.



-West Nile virus is becoming more common throughout the U.S. Most people who contract West Nile virus from a mosquito develop a fever, headache, and lack of energy. It’s one type of mosquito-borne disease that can also cause meningitis, swelling of the brain.

-Several forms of mosquito-borne encephalitis occur in the U.S. They include Eastern Equine, Japanese, LaCross, and St. Louis. Encephalitis is a disease where the lining of the brain and spinal cord can become inflamed and swell. Zika virus is possible. Its symptoms include muscle pain, fever, and joint pain.

-Mosquitoes breed in watery environments. Clean leaves from gutters and remove the chances of having standing water in pots, buckets, and puddles.



-Ticks transfer from grass to clothing or skin. They may also come inside on the family dog. Once on a human, they’ll head for an area like a grain, armpit, behind the ears, or on the back of the neck and embed their head to fill up on blood.

-Ticks carry a host of diseases. Lyme disease is one of the most prevalent. While it was once found just in New England, it’s spread to throughout the northeastern U.S, upper Midwest, and West Coast. Other common diseases from ticks that are found in different areas of the U.S. are Powassan diseases, tick fevers, Borrelia infections, and Ehrlichiosis.

-Keep your mom’s lawn mowed. If she has outdoor pets, she should make sure they’re treated with a flea and tick medication. Before they come inside, they should be combed with a flea comb outside to keep any ticks from getting inside the home. When she’s been outside, she should check herself over, take a warm soapy shower, and change her clothes.


If your mom’s health is affected by any of these diseases, she may need help during her treatments. Lyme disease can lead to joint pain, fever, and headaches. Make sure she has the support she needs by arranging home care. She may not always need a caregiver, but home care ensures she has help while she’s resting and following doctor’s orders.


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