Many Elderly Adults Resist In-Home Care

It’s easy to see why so many people worry about growing old and facing health issues and reduced abilities that allow them to live independently. However, physical and mental challenges are all part of aging, and it only makes things more difficult when seniors won’t address their obvious need for elderly care providers.


Senior Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Care Assistance

Senior Care in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Care Assistance


Family caregivers that worry about their elderly relative’s health and safety want them to have someone around to assist. If their aging loved one won’t admit they need assistance and actively resists the idea, it can be unhealthy, unsafe and even dangerous.


Obstacles Seniors Have About In-Home Care

When their aging loved ones refuse to even converse about in-home care, it can be hard for family caregivers to understand where the resistance is coming from.

Here are just a few issues that may cause seniors to resist in-home care from elderly care providers:

  • Denying they are old enough to need help
  • Resentful that others are making life decisions for them
  • Fear of facing their own mortality, including declining health
  • Worry about having strangers in their home
  • Discomfort about needing help with showers, baths, and dressing
  • Apprehension about the permanent changes on the horizon
  • Anxiety over finances and the cost of in-home care
  • Pride at always being independent and never needing help from anyone


As they prepare to have the tough conversation, family caregivers must remember to be thoughtful and considerate of their aging relative’s worries and feelings. With a careful and thoughtful approach, they can work together to resolve some of the worst objections of an elderly care provider.


Ideas for Talking with Seniors About In-Home Care

It’s good advice for a family caregiver to take it slow when bringing in an elderly care provider into their aging loved one’s home. Starting the conversation can be hard, but as long as everyone remains calm and tries to focus on the benefits of in-home care, there’s a better chance of the aging adult actually listening. Many people feel that a slow introduction works best, where the elderly are provider comes in for one day per week or a couple of mornings only. They might do some housekeeping or laundry at first, then expand to other things.

Even if the aging adults express their emotions about the new changes, family caregivers must stick with it. That’s because their aging loved one cannot be left on their own. With compassion, empathy, problem-solving and validation, family caregivers will soon see their elderly loved one in good hands with a professional elderly care provider.


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