Teamwork is Important When Caring for an Aging Parent

No matter what care your parent needs, it’s important to get a team in place. As tempting as it can be to do everything on your own, that’s always a bad idea. It may be easier to organize care on your own, but what happens if you’re sick or injured? Who cares for your mom or dad while you’re in the hospital or at home recovering?


Senior Care in Ardmore PA: Teamwork is Important

Senior Care in Ardmore PA: Teamwork is Important



Imagine this scenario. Your mom has dementia and cannot cook meals, drive, or shower on her own. She falls, forgets what she was doing, and doesn’t remember how to get home. You fall while carrying laundry to the bedroom and break your ankle. You can’t help her until you’ve healed. What backup plan is in place to make sure she’s not alone?


Teamwork Has You Prepared for the Unexpected

When you have a team of carers helping your mom or dad, unexpected situations won’t be as alarming or hard to manage. If you’re ill or injured, your sister can step in and take over until you’re well enough to start helping.

If your sister’s car won’t start on a day she’s supposed to stop by to cook your dad breakfast, your brother can stop by on his way to work. You might have neighbors, cousins, or close family friends on the list. If there is an unexpected situation, you don’t have to panic. There’s a plan in place.


Use Modern Technology for Scheduling

An abundance of apps and online calendars make it easy to coordinate care. Keep a list of the help your parent needs and share it with the team that helps your mom or dad out. People can look at the daily agenda on days they’re stopping by and get the to-do list completed.

If someone isn’t feeling great, they have the list of people to call to make sure your mom or dad isn’t alone. If the first person on the list isn’t free, there are other names on the list. Someone will be available. If not, there’s another option you need to consider.

Partner with home care aides to make sure your parent’s needs are met. You can’t drop everything to provide the care your mom or dad needs during every hour of the day. You have to have time for your own needs.

Talk to a home care agency about part-time help. You might want to have caregivers help out once a week or every day. Make sure your parents have the support they need to live independently and that you have time for your own errands, social engagements, and daily activities.


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