Learn More About Respiratory Issues in the Elderly

Respiratory Issues: As your elderly loved one ages, even more, their body is going to continue to change.

Respiratory Issues: One of the things that are going to change is their lungs. As people get older, their lungs can become weaker. It can become difficult for them to breathe. With this being said, there are many common respiratory issues in the elderly that you should know about.


Senior Health:  Respiratory Issues

Senior Health:  Respiratory Issues

Lung Cancer

There are many elderly people who have lung cancer. In fact, this type of cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the elderly, for both men and women. It is usually caused by smoking or even by long-term second-hand smoke. However, some people are predisposed to getting this type of cancer-based on their genetic history. If you or caregivers believe that your elderly loved one might have this type of cancer, make sure they visit their doctor.


Pneumonia is another common respiratory issue in elderly people. This health issue is caused by infections in the lungs. The infection invades the lung’s air sacs. It can be caused by fungus, viruses, or bacteria. The common flu can lead to pneumonia, as well. This is why it is very important for the elderly to prevent the flu. If you or caregivers can take your elderly loved one to get the flu shot and their doctor recommends they get it, this could help to prevent them from getting pneumonia or other respiratory issues.


COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is many diseases that block airflow. This can be related to other breathing-related issues, too. Two of the most common kinds of COPD for the elderly are bronchitis and emphysema. If your elderly loved one has a difficult time breathing, make sure you schedule an appointment with their doctor. It is important they get the treatment needed to help them breathe better.


Asthma is another one of the diseases that commonly affect the elderly. This is when there are twitches in one’s airways. These twitches happen because of irritants and allergens. Depending on the severity of someone’s allergy or irritant triggers, they may have mild, moderate, or severe asthma. Again, it is extremely important that your elderly loved one gets treatment for their asthma. Sometimes, this means lifestyle modifications, and other times it means medication.

Respiratory Issues: Conclusion

These are some of the most common respiratory issues in the elderly. If you or caregivers suspect that your elderly loved one has any of these issues, be sure they are getting the treatment needed to help them feel better.


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