Physical Therapy Alternatives to Medication

Physical TherapyJoint pain is something that a lot of seniors face on a daily basis, and while medications can be effective in managing the pain, some individuals prefer alternative approaches or can’t tolerate the side effects of medications. When that complication arises, seniors might need to look elsewhere for solutions to their joint pain. Physical therapy can help aging adults to find the solutions that enable them to feel less discomfort while also improving joint health as much as possible.

Look for Ways to Improve Overall Health

Improving overall health can have a positive impact on joint pain for aging adults. Seniors who are overweight might find that the extra pounds put a little more strain on joints, particularly in the lower body. Following a balanced and healthy diet that is rich in anti-inflammatory foods that contain ingredients high in omega-3 fatty acids is a good place to start. Proper hydration also helps aging adults to ensure their bodies have enough water to lubricate joints and keep the body active. Home care providers can help with these goals, making them easier for seniors to achieve.

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods of Time

Prolonged sitting can contribute to joint stiffness and discomfort. Adopting a more active lifestyle can help a lot, but many seniors could be starting from zero activity because pain has kept them immobile. Short walks, gentle stretching, and just starting to move a little more can be helpful. Changing positions more often or mindfully taking movement breaks every half hour or so can be a great way to start reducing seated time. The idea is to gradually become more and more active, leaving a completely sedentary lifestyle in the past.

Try Some Form of Exercise Daily

Once seniors are more active in general, regular exercise can be helpful for managing joint pain and maintaining joint mobility. Low-impact exercises offer cardiovascular benefits without putting strain on joints. Many aging adults find that water exercises are particularly helpful. Incorporating strength training exercises helps the muscles around major joints to better support them, especially as the muscles grow stronger. Gentle stretching helps to improve both range of motion and flexibility. Starting this type of exercise plan alone might not be the best idea, however.

Get Help from Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be an invaluable resource for seniors experiencing joint pain. A physical therapist can provide personalized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs seniors have. They can guide aging adults through exercises, manual therapy, and other techniques to reduce pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall joint function. Physical therapy can also help seniors to learn proper body mechanics and techniques for joint protection.

Joint pain can be a debilitating part of aging, but there are alternatives to medication that can help manage discomfort. Accessing the right alternatives can bring joy and greater independence back into seniors’ lives. Physical therapy can help seniors to find the combination of techniques that work best for them, helping them to have a vastly improved quality of life.

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