Pediatric Home Care Tips for Treating Infant Jaundice

Infant Jaundice: Pediatric Home Care Media PA

Infant Jaundice: Pediatric Home Care Media PA

If you’ve started to notice that your newborn’s eyes and skin seem to have a yellow tinge to them, you might be early stages of jaundice. This condition is more common in premature babies, but there can be other causes, too. Treatment might be possible at home, with pediatric home care assistance.

What Causes Jaundice?

Jaundice is the common name for a condition in which a person’s skin and the whites of their eyes turn yellow. Sometimes the coloring is mild, but in severe cases jaundice can be very dark. The yellowing skin is due to bilirubin, which is a pigment formed in the liver. When a person’s body cannot process and flush the bilirubin out of the body, it builds up in the blood stream and causes a yellow coloring of the skin and eyes.

Jaundice Can Become Dangerous

In infants, jaundice can be caused by premature birth, the baby having a different blood type from the mother, and other issues, like infections or enzyme deficiencies. Left untreated, jaundice can become much more dangerous as the bilirubin builds up in the bloodstream. Blood tests performed by your baby’s pediatrician can help to detect jaundice and underlying causes.

Often Jaundice Can Be Treated at Home

Jaundice can often be treated at home with light therapy. This usually involves lighted pads, special lighting, and protective eye coverings for your baby. If the jaundice is more severe, other treatments may be necessary, such as IV immunoglobulin or blood transfusions. Pediatric home care providers can help to make light treatments less intimidating for parents. They can also help to reduce the likelihood of having to return to the hospital for those treatments. Especially if you’re concerned that you might not be able to perform light therapy correctly.

Follow-up Treatments May Be Necessary

Depending on the cause of your baby’s jaundice, there may be other necessary treatments to cure underlying issues while helping to reduce the possibility that it returns. Some of these treatments may be able to be done at home, as well, so talk with your baby’s doctor about how to proceed.

Infant jaundice is definitely treatable, but it can be a frightening situation to find yourself battling with your baby, especially if you’re a brand-new parent. Work with your baby’s doctor and other healthcare providers to find the right solutions.

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