Manage Caregiver Stress with Companion Care at Home

Family Caregiver: Companion Care at Home Glenholden PA

Family Caregiver: Companion Care at Home Glenholden PA

You can’t avoid stress in life, but too much stress does impact your health. Since your dad’s stroke, you’ve provided a lot of the care he needs and work from his home when you can. It’s stressful, but you’re also certain you’re letting others down and not doing enough.

The more you take on, the more stressed you’re becoming. How do you manage stress as a family caregiver?

Learn to Say No

You have to set boundaries. Your dad keeps you busy, but your brother asks you if you can start watching his kids after school until he’s out of work. If it’s too much responsibility, don’t feel pressured into saying yes. Tell him no and explain that you can’t give your dad the quality care he needs while also being the best caregiver to his kids.

Another area that many family caregivers run into is being asked to shop for other family members’ groceries while you’re out shopping with your dad. If it’s too much extra hassle, don’t agree. The only time you might want to consider is if they offer to take over a day or two of your dad’s care in exchange.

Know When to Step Away

Your dad is being particularly argumentative about letting you wash his hair. You can’t keep skipping this personal care task as his hair is getting greasy. It’s frustrating, but he’s not caving in. Sometimes, you have to know when to step away and let him cool down before trying again.

One thing that can work is taking him to a hair salon for a haircut. Pay for the shampoo service. You might find he’s less argumentative with a companion care at home professional than he is with you.

Get Enough Exercise

Aim for 30 minutes of moderately-paced exercise each day. This includes activities like walking at a steady pace, swimming laps for 30 minutes, or riding a bike. Try to mix up exercises so that you’re working different muscle groups.

Once or twice a week, take some time for yourself and practice meditative exercises like Tai Chi or Yoga. It helps you focus on breathing and clearing your mind of stress. If you can find a Yoga or Tai Chi class that’s in an outdoor setting where you breathe in the fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun, it’s even better.

Plan at Least One Day Off

Ensure you’re taking time to socialize, relax by yourself, or sleep in. You need to focus on your self-care before focusing on your dad.

Take time for yourself at least once or twice a week. If you had a job outside of the home, you’d probably get a day or two off, right? Do the same with your dad’s care. Hire companion care at home aides to ensure he has someone helping out while you’re taking a day off for self-care.

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