In-Home Care Steps to Maintaining Independence After a Fall

Senior Falls: In-Home Care Ardmore PA

Senior Falls: In-Home Care Ardmore PA

Just over 25% of adults aged 65 or older fall each year. That’s one in four older adults, so don’t be surprised if you get the call your mom has fallen. It’s not unusual, and women are prone to losing bone density after menopause, so it’s easier to fracture a bone in a fall. The bigger issue is that adults who fall once have a doubled risk of falling again within a year. Make sure your mom avoids another fall by arranging the support she needs, like in-home care, to maintain her independence at home.

Ask If She’s Had a Bone Density Scan

Once your mom has seen her doctor and had a bone fracture or abrasions taken care of, ask if she’s had a bone density scan. It’s something she should undergo if she hasn’t yet as it determines her risk for thinning bones and osteoporosis.

If she is in the early stages of osteoporosis, it’s time to address her diet to improve bone strength. She needs to eat foods that are high in calcium, and she might need to take vitamin D and calcium supplements. Medication reminders are helpful if she struggles to remember her medications every day.

Check the Side Effects of Medications

Is your mom taking medications for heart disease or high blood pressure? They can trigger side effects like dizziness that increase the risk of a fall. If she is, make sure someone is with her after she takes them.

She may find the dizziness lasts for an hour or two and subsides after that. If someone is with her for those two hours, she has someone to support her as she stands up, sits down, or walks around.

Work With a Physical Therapist

Your mom may want to see a physical therapist to work on balance skills. If she lost her balance and fell, a physical therapist can help her improve her balance, flexibility, and mobility. It helps her avoid another fall in the future.

Her physical therapist and doctors may also recommend working with an occupational therapist to explore issues in the home that increase the risk of a fall. Your mom may need grab bars added to the shower/tub area and toilet area to have supportive bars to hold while standing up, sitting down, or stepping over a tub edge.

Have Help Around the Home

Some things can’t be changed, so your mom needs to accept help for tasks that are too difficult for her to do on her own. If she fell trying to walk down the narrow, dimly lit basement stairs to do the laundry, consider hiring a caregiver to do the laundry each week.

Talk to an In-Home Care Specialist

After your mom’s fall, make sure she has the support she needs. Whether she requires help for a few weeks or needs weekly in-home care services for the rest of her life, arrange the services she needs. Call an in-home care specialist to get started.

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