How Does Home Care Help a Sandwich-Generation Caregiver?

Home CareA sandwich-generation caregiver splits his or her time between caring for an aging parent and children who still live at home. Three out of five family caregivers also work. It can become a lot to handle.

When you’re the one trying to balance your career, your role as a parent, and your responsibility in caring for your dad, do you have time left for yourself? Have you given up on trying to keep up with your social life and medical appointments? You’re not alone. One out of five family caregivers report that their health is worsening due to the pressure they experience.

It’s time to look at having a home care aide help out. It’s the best way to find the right balance and regain yourself in the process.

What Home Care Aides Do

A home care aide is a professional caregiver who helps your dad with personal care, household management, and companionship. Your dad has someone to help him get to his appointments and join him on shopping trips, and he won’t have to drive anymore.

If he needs help showering, choosing an outfit, and getting dressed, his caregiver is there. He has someone to help him comb his hair, brush and floss his teeth, and trim his nails.

When your dad gets packages in the mail, his caregiver can help him open them, recycle the cardboard and plastic, and make sure he’s received everything he ordered. Your dad’s caregiver can help him put his new purchases away.

Once a week, your dad’s caregiver can change the sheets and towels, wash the dirty laundry, and put it away once it’s dry. If he needs to go to a laundromat to do his laundry, his caregiver can bring him and help him operate the machines.

He’ll have home-cooked meals. His caregiver will get to know what he wants to eat, take him shopping for the things he needs, and help him put everything away when they’re back home. When it’s time for a meal or snack, his caregiver prepares it and sits with him while he eats.

While this is going on, you’re free to go to work without worrying about your dad being alone. You can go out to dinner with friends and spend time with your kids. Your dad’s needs are covered, so you can enjoy the things you need to stay healthy and happy.

How Do You Get Started?

Talk to a home care advisor about your dad’s care needs. Does he do okay in the shower and with getting dressed or does he need help? Can he cook meals, clean his house, and do the laundry? Can he still drive?

Take this list of things he can and cannot do and learn more about those services. As you learn more about prices and recommended schedules, make the arrangements to ensure you have time for self-care.

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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita