How Companion Care at Home Can Improve a Seniors Home To Keep Them Safe

Companion Care at HomeWhen your senior chooses to age in place, you may feel fear or a deep concern for their physical and mental well-being. All of that is completely rational, and luckily, there are ways to make aging in place safer for your loved ones. Here are some of the best things you can change inside of a seniors home to help keep them safe.

Hire Companion Care at Home

As your senior ages, things may start changing. Their sense of smell, eyesight, and ability to do things. This means your loved one may be unaware they are spreading germs or not keeping an area adequately clean. On top of that, with limited mobility, they may not be able to get out to ask for help or talk to people. This is when companion care at home comes in handy. They are professionals who develop a relationship with your loved one and help take care of the smaller chores that need to be done to keep their home environment clean.

Look at the HVAC System

This is crucial for the summer and will also be huge during the upcoming cold season. Your seniors’ home should be warm during the winter and cool during the summer, especially if they are not able to go out much. They need a way to cool down and heat up. However, something to keep in mind is that if your loved one uses just a few rooms, adding extra heating sources to those specific rooms can be beneficial. These are something that your senior will need to be careful of but something that companion care can also keep an eye on as well.

Open Windows

Now, this doesn’t mean to open the windows on a day that is negative in temperatures, but it does mean on a nice day to let some fresh air in. This is especially true if they do not get out much. However, before doing this, your loved one must check the air quality and if there are any allergens in the air. When the weather permits, open a door or a window to get the air moving through the house.

Find the Smells

If your loved one cannot smell anymore, they may not know food has gone bad, laundry needs to be done, or even the fact that the laundry has sat for too long in the washing machine. It is important to have someone there to help eliminate any bad odors. These foul smells usually indicate that germs are growing and must be handled before spreading.

Always Manage Indoor Allergens

Your loved one may not get around to dusting, but dust can produce allergies and make a senior feel uncomfortable living in their own home. Other allergens include pet dander, mold, and even insects. It’s important to do an overall clean of the home, but this is something that a senior may struggle to do alone. Companion care at home can provide a basic house cleaning to help seniors live more comfortably.

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Ibrahim & Mariama Suma-Keita