Five Ways to Start Making Your Senior’s Home Fall-Proof

You may feel as if there isn’t much that you can do to help your elderly family member to avoid a fall, but there is much more that you can do than you might think.


Homecare in Philadelphia PA: Senior Safety

Homecare in Philadelphia PA: Senior Safety

Watch How She Maneuvers

Before you make any changes, watch how your elderly family member maneuvers around her home. If she’s grasping furniture and walls as she works her way through her home, she might benefit from assistive devices such as a walker or cane. She might also need grab bars throughout the house.


Look for Tripping Hazards

Look for anything that could cause your elderly family member to trip and fall. This might include furniture that could stand a bit of rearranging or clutter that makes its way to the floor. Make sure that your senior has a clear pathway through the home and that flooring is in good condition. Tuck cords around the perimeter of the room instead of letting them cross pathways.


Widen Doors

Narrow doors can be common in older homes, but they make maneuvering more difficult, especially if you’ve convinced your senior to use a walker regularly. It’s a good idea to work out whether you can widen those doorways to accommodate your senior. If you’re not handy yourself, you may be able to find someone handy with tools who can take care of the work inexpensively.


Install Grab Bars, Especially in Tubs

Grab bars, especially in the tub, can be tremendously helpful. They’re secure as long as they’re installed correctly and they can keep your senior on her feet. Install them anywhere that you have the wall space and encourage your senior to use them regularly. She may balk at first, but once she realizes how helpful they are, she may change her mind.


Use a Gentle Slope on Ramps

If you need to install ramps to make it easier for your senior to get into and out of the house, make sure that the ramp uses a very gentle slope. Steep slopes can cause your elderly family member to be off balance, even with a walker or a cane. It’s much better to have a longer ramp that has less of an incline than to have a short, steep one.


You might also want to consider hiring home care providers. Not only can they help her to do things at home, but they can also pay attention to whether she’s using her assistive devices properly, or at all. They can let you know if they spot any other potential safety hazards.


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