How to Tell if Memory Problems Are Serious

When your senior ages in place, it can be a hard choice that you may not understand. You may think your elderly loved one should be in the care of a nursing home, but this isn’t always what they want to do. When a senior is capable of making decisions, you need to let them do what they think is best, no matter how hard it is for you to accept. Homecare should be a consideration.


Homecare in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Memory

Homecare in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Memory


If you’re really worried about your senior mom or dad because you think they are neglecting their own personal self-care, it may be time to look into hiring home care professionals. These people can visit your mom or dad every day and help them cook, bathe, and get around. Home care can also help keep your seniors in a routine when they may forget what to do daily.

As you get older, most of you will begin to notice changes in your memory. It’s normal to have memory lapses every now and again, but you should be looking for signals that things are going worse. Detecting whether a memory problem is significant may help you safeguard your elderly loved one from a potentially disastrous situation.

Look Out for Memory Issues That Disrupt Routines

When recalling a name or other basic information, even individuals in their twenties and thirties sometimes struggle. Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in the elderly may significantly influence their day-to-day activities. As an example, you may notice that your loved one has missed several important appointments or that they have failed to pay the bills. As a result, your loved one may be unable to remember to do everyday duties, which might affect their health. Aging-related health issues increasingly make it more difficult for elders to maintain their independence. Families may ease some of their difficulties by hiring skilled home care professionals.

Ask Your Seniors About Timing and Places

When elders aren’t aware of what’s happening around them, memory loss worsens. Despite being retired, some seniors may claim that they need to get ready for work, while others may suddenly express bewilderment about where they are while they’re out in public. These are warning indicators that straying may become a problem soon. If your loved one becomes disoriented, ensure that there is someone around who can provide comfort.


Notice Changes in Speech

People with Alzheimer’s often start using alternative words to cover up the ones they can’t recall. They may also take longer to formulate responses to questions. Seniors unable to recall the correct phrases may find it difficult to participate in social situations, increasing their risk of isolation. Speech changes are a common early indicator of memory loss. A considerable portion of a person’s vocabulary and memory may be preserved by regular brain training exercises when they are still young.


Look for Cognitive Challenges

Seniors with memory problems that are caused by anything other than natural aging sometimes struggle with other aspects of their mental faculties as well. As an example, your loved one may have difficulties putting together a puzzle or following a set of instructions, for instance. Memory problems may be linked to problems with spatial awareness and logical thinking, which should be investigated further.


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