You May Want Mom to Use Home Care Options, but It’s Still HER Decision

Do you want your elderly mother to rely on home care? If she is struggling to get through each day, needs help with a number of tasks, that could be a great decision.


Homecare in Haverford PA: Home Care Options

Homecare in Haverford PA: Home Care Options



Yet, despite how fervently you’re pushing for her to hire a home care provider, you need to remember it’s still her decision. You may have carefully researched everything you could about home care, learned about all the benefits it provides, and have discussed it with her repeatedly, but she might not on board just yet.
And that’s okay. To some degree, of course.


But, you want her to be safe first and foremost.

As people get older, they lose strength. As a result, a person in their 70s or 80s might be a much greater risk of slipping and falling while at home, especially if they live alone. This is exacerbated when there are many things to get done each day, like cleaning, cooking, bathing, toileting, and all these other tasks that eventually become more challenging with age.
So, safety might be your top priority for your elderly mother. That’s one of the reasons why you have been talking about home care with her so often.

You probably see things much differently than she does. Most of us have a tendency to overestimate our abilities, talents, and skills throughout life. That doesn’t change when somebody gets older.
Your mother may still view herself as being physically active, capable of tending to her own basic care and dismisses the notion of safety concerns where you see hazards all around.


What if she still refuses?

Your elderly mother has the right to refuse home care of any type. Some people have gone to court to try and force their aging parent or grandparent to rely on professional, experienced care, but that does incredible harm to the relationship and it often doesn’t lead to the desired outcome.

If your mother continues to refuse home care as an option for herself at this point in her life, you first need to respect that decision. Then, you may need to go out and research home care a bit more.
There may be certain components about home care you have overlooked, didn’t know about, and have been unable to use as a way to convince your mother to consider it.

The more you know about home care, the more you can inform your elderly mother. Eventually, she will likely come around and realize that it truly is the best option for her as a senior. Just don’t forget, it is still her option.


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