Knowing When It’s Time to Hire Home Care May Not Always Be So Obvious

It’s easy to look back on events in life and say, “I knew there was something going on.” This Monday Morning Quarterbacking is common in life. Rarely does a person want to look back, recognize the warning signs so clearly then, and admit they simply didn’t notice it or refused to acknowledge them at the time. When a senior is having difficulty at home, it may or may not be easy to understand when the right time to talk about home care has arrived.


Homecare in Haverford PA: Time to Hire Home Care

Homecare in Haverford PA: Time to Hire Home Care


That’s because some people refuse outside help.

For example, an elderly person who is focused on being as independent as possible will often refuse to talk about home care options. They may recognize their physical limitations, loss of strength, agility, or balance, but when an adult child, neighbor, or friend even broaches the topic of home care, they can become defensive.


Often, the reason for this defensiveness is rooted in fear.

When a person is feeling ‘off,’ when they worry about their safety, independence, or life, they might begin wondering what could happen if they admit to their struggles. For example, could an elderly person suddenly be ‘forced’ to move in with their adult son halfway across the country? By ‘forced,’ this means coerced, encouraged, or even made to feel guilty.

These types of situations happen and if that senior wants to remain close to friends and the community he or she has lived in for decades, moving halfway across the country or out of state can feel like moving to the moon.

It can also feel like giving up every part of one’s life, including control over it. Getting past this defensiveness and concern about a loss of independence is one of the crucial components to encouraging an aging senior to accept outside care and support.


So, how can you tell if an elderly senior really needs home care now or not?

If they call for help with basic things around the house and those calls are increasing in frequency, perhaps leading to several times a week or even every day, then their condition has deteriorated to a point when they need to admit their own limitations.

A professional, dedicated, compassionate home care aide who is working for an agency can be a wonderful asset for people of all ages who struggle with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
Through an agency, an aging senior does not need to rely on somebody for full-time care, but they can if they need to. In fact, an aide can be hired for just a couple of hours at a time to start, which is a great way to ease a person into this new type of life.


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