Is There a Higher Risk of Your Elderly Loved One Having Another Fall?

Do you worry that your elderly loved one is going to fall again after their first fall?
Maybe your elderly loved one already fell more than once and you think it is going to keep happening. This worry is not yours alone. In fact, many family caregivers and elder care providers worry that the elderly person they are caring for will have a higher risk of falling after their previous fall. The truth is that someone should keep an eye on your elderly loved one. There are physical reactions that take place that increase someone’s risk of falling after a previous fall.


Homecare in Broomall PA: Risk of Having Another Fall

Homecare in Broomall PA: Risk of Having Another Fall


More Fear

Your elderly loved one might have more fear if they have already had a fall. Even if you or an elder care provider is offering to help, your loved one might be leery about standing up a lot or moving around too much. They might be worried that they are going to fall again. This fear sticks with them when they do get up and could make them shaky on their feet. Is your elderly loved one worried about this? If so, you and the elder care providers should help your loved one take things slowly. You can encourage them to take small steps until they can release this fear.


Getting Angry

Your elderly loved one might have a higher risk of falling because they are angry. If your elderly loved one is stubborn, they might not want help from others. This can cause them to be angry when offered help. You might find that your elderly loved one tries to do things on their own, even when their body isn’t ready to after the fall they had. This stubbornness can cause your elderly loved one to fall.


Feeling Depressed

Another thing that could increase your elderly loved one’s fall risk is feeling depressed. If your elderly loved one now can’t do as much on their own because they were injured during the fall, they might become depressed. This can cause them to withdraw and stay in their room. When they are by themselves, if they want something, they may try to do it on their own. If their body isn’t healed enough, they could have another fall.



These are some of the reasons why many elderly people that have a fall will often fall again. If you are worried about your elderly loved one having another fall, you can do your best to offer help or hire elder care providers to help. This doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one will accept the help. However, at least someone can be there to offer assistance and support if it is needed.


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