How to Schedule in Respite Time for You

What does it take to ensure that you take respite time when you need it? For some caregivers, it takes scheduling respite time into their calendar and making sure they’re prepared to take that time away.


Homecare in Berwyn PA: Schedule in Time for You

Homecare in Berwyn PA: Schedule in Time for You


You Can’t Keep Putting It Off

If you’ve had a difficult time wrapping your brain around taking time just for you, you’re not alone. But you really can’t continue to put it off indefinitely. Caregivers need to be able to take time for themselves to do the things that they enjoy. If you’re not doing that, you’re letting yourself get run down and subconsciously you’re going to start resenting being a caregiver.


It’s Better if This Is Just about Fun

You might be thinking about all of the chores you have to do either at your own home or even for other people. It’s better if you can make respite time about fun things only. The reason for that is that you need actual downtime, where you’re doing something recreational. The idea is to give yourself time to recharge and that means finding something fun to do. Chores are always going to be there.


Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

It’s also important that you don’t attack this too hard and too fast. If you’re not used to taking time for yourself, the whole idea can become overwhelming very quickly. Don’t worry about finding an entire afternoon that you can take away just yet. Starting out with an hour at least and work your way up to larger amounts of time away.


Think of This Like Any Other Appointment

You have to take the idea of respite time seriously. That means that this is an appointment just like any other appointment you would make with someone. You can reschedule this time, but you shouldn’t cancel it unless there’s a true and unavoidable emergency.


Put Someone Else in Charge

If you’re nervous about taking time away because you worry something might happen, put someone else in charge while you’re gone. One of the best ways to do this is to hire home care providers to take over for you and spend time with your senior. They can help her with a variety of different tasks or even just keep her company while you’re gone.

Taking the time to schedule and to prepare for respite time helps to ensure that you’ll actually take advantage of it. Respite is a vital part of keeping you going as a caregiver.


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