Home Care Can Help with Fall Prevention for Your Seniors

 It is easy to spend a lot of your time worrying about the risk of falls in your senior loved ones’ lives. So many of the elderly want to remain at home, while they don’t want to face the risk of the many places in the home where they have the potential of falling with submission to injuries of all sorts.


Homecare in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Falls

Homecare in Bala Cynwyd PA: Senior Falls


These could be fractures, shocks, and much more. The best thing is to make sure that there is a certain amount of home care that helps with the prevention of falls.


Tips for Fall Prevention in Your Senior’s Home

  1. Clear clutter – Home care can help your senior clear every area of the home of anything you can trip over. Phone cords, electric wires, pet bowls, and other things can cause trouble. Move it out of the way, or think about getting rid of it. Safety can be increased by moving coffee tables, magazine racks, and plant stands from high-traffic areas. Also, repair loose, wooden floorboards and carpeting right away. Immediately clean spilled liquids, grease or food.


Light it up – More light can help your senior see better, and home care can help with updates like making sure light switches are easy to access, starting a routine of turning lights on before getting up to move around, and knowing where flashlights are if the power goes out. Home care can help determine the best places for night lights and lamps, and making sure your loved one knows how to use all of them.


Hold the rails – Handrails can be helpful in many areas, from stairs to bathrooms. In addition to holding on to rails, there are non-slip treads for flooring, tubs, and more. There are also steady sears for toilets, hand-held shower nozzles, bathing seats, and more. It can be helpful to add double-sided tape or skids to rugs or use non-slip mats as well, or even just remove them if they can’t seem to be placed safely. If a full evaluation of your senior’s home is needed, and the practice of using these things can be included in the hep of home care.


Move it to where you use it – This works for the kitchen and all rooms of your senior’s home. For everything from food to dishes, clothes, and more, it is important to make sure that they don’t have to overreach for the items they need on a daily basis. Home care can help with putting these things away regularly so that they can always be reached easily.


Wear sturdy shoes – This helps with balance in everything your senior does. These are shoes with thin and sturdy soles rather than slippers, heels, thick soles, or others. It even includes avoiding walking around in socks. It could be a reminder to move with caution with mobility becomes a challenge, and home care can help with that reminder.


Your senior should keep up with the side effects of medications – Home care can help with this knowledge and helping your senior make sure that they know which drugs might make them feel dizzy or tired. If tracking these is hard, ask your home care professional to work closely with your loved one to keep a record of these so that they can be reported to your senior’s doctor. They can help your seniors answer doctors’ questions like whether they have fallen before, in order to address the potential need for medication changes in the event that side effects become more dangerous.


Home care can keep your senior strong – Keeping regular physical activity for strength and wellness, home care professionals can help with exercises like going out for a walk, transportation to exercise classes, and going to social groups and other activities. Your senior could get a daily reminder of working on an exercise program, or at least stretching and working on balance.


With all of these options making your senior’s home safe for daily life, there is much more for increased activity during their days. Your loved one has the ability to enjoy days full of activity and excitement with home care professionals who can provide companionship while helping with safety.


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