What Happens if Your Dad’s Caregiver Simply Doesn’t Mesh With His Personality?

It’s bound to happen. Your dad gets a new caregiver and personalities clash. What do you do when your dad’s caregiver simply does not mesh with him. You don’t want him going without senior care services. There are things you can do to make sure everyone is happy.


Homecare in Ardmore PA: When Caregiver Doesn't Mesh

Homecare in Ardmore PA: When Caregiver Doesn’t Mesh


Find Out Where the Issues Stem From

Sometimes, little things may be at the root of a senior being uncomfortable with a caregiver. Did the caregiver speak with too harsh a tone? Did something the caregiver say get taken the wrong way? If possible, spend a day in the house and see how the two interact.

As an example, one woman became very uncomfortable when her caregiver scolded her for cleaning up. The caregiver told her cleaning was the senior care company’s job. The older woman had been cleaning the home for 40 years and didn’t see why she couldn’t keep wiping down counters. That one disagreement could easily have been avoided with clearer rules.


Talk to Your Dad

When your dad is uncomfortable with a caregiver, ask questions. Find out what happened to make your dad unhappy. It could be something you can correct. If your dad is simply resistant to having someone helping out around his home, you’ll need to reassure him that the caregiver is there to help and not to take away his freedom.


Talk to Your Dad’s Caregiver

Talk to your dad’s caregiver to get the caregiver’s input. If the caregiver is following company policy, you may need to go to management to discuss issues and how to resolve them. If the caregiver is sticking to his or her own rules or beliefs, you may need to get your dad a different caregiver. You can also try to find a middle ground where both are happy.


When All Else Fails, Find Someone Else

How easy it is to switch caregivers depends on your situation. If you’ve hired a private caregiver, you’ll have to go through the hiring process and background checks all over. It can be time-consuming. It’s more convenient to use an agency.

With an agency, talk to the administrative team about your concerns. See if there is another caregiver that can be sent to spend time with your dad. It can take a little bit of time to find the right person, but an agency allows you the chance to switch caregivers until the right person is hired.

Use an agency for your dad’s senior care needs. If he doesn’t like the caregiver or finds their personalities clash, you can address the situation with the agency. A new caregiver can be assigned. If it’s a case of the caregiver not following instructions correctly, that can be addressed, too. Call a senior care agency to learn more about how caregivers are hired.

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