Create a Pet Care Schedule to Help Your Parents Remember Everything

There’s no argument that pets improve mental and physical health. Your mom and dad have a dog, cat, or other pet for comfort, some socialization, and exercise. What happens if your parents are forgetting details of their pet’s care? Create a pet care schedule to help them through the daily routine.


Homecare in Ardmore PA: Pet Care Schedule

Homecare in Ardmore PA: Pet Care Schedule


What Care is Needed?

The care needs of a pet vary from one to the next. Dogs need to be walked each day. They need bathroom breaks outside. Some time for play and at least one meal is necessary. Some dogs also need to be brushed each day.


Dogs need yearly vet treatments. They need their nails trimmed and periodic bathing to remove dirt and odors from their fur and skin. Some dogs need medications each day. Finally, your parents need to brush their dog’s teeth regularly.


Cats need to have their litter box cleaned each day. There are mechanical litter boxes that do this for you, but the bin still needs to be emptied from time to time. Cats need time to play, daily meals, and grooming like brushing and oral care. They also need to see a vet each year.

Other pets like birds, fish, and reptiles won’t need as much hands-on care, but they still need some. They need their daily meals. They need to have their cage or tank cleaned.

Your parents need to keep the area where the pets live clean. Vacuuming and sweeping fur are important. Wiping down surfaces that pets like lizards and birds access are important for disinfection.


Licensing Requirements

In most states, dogs need to be licensed with the town, city, or state. It’s important to take care of this each year. If your parents don’t, they face fines. To get a license, proof of rabies is usually mandatory. Some also require you to provide paperwork proving the dog was spayed or neutered.

If your parents are forgetting to do things for their pets, what are they forgetting for themselves? Are they drinking regularly and eating throughout the day? Are they remembering when it’s time to take medications? Are they struggling to shower and dress?

When it becomes harder for your parents to handle their usual routines, senior care services are there to help. They remain at home and living independently, but senior care aides stop by and help as needed. Learn more by making a call.


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