How to Know It’s Time for an Elderly Person to Stop Driving

It can be especially difficult for family caregivers to tell an older adult that it isn’t safe for them to drive anymore. The thought alone of the conversation can make some people nervous. Part of the problem is that family caregivers sometimes may not feel comfortable in whether it truly is the right time for a senior to quit driving.


Homecare in Ardmore PA: Senior Driving

Homecare in Ardmore PA: Senior Driving



Being armed with facts and knowledge about the senior’s driving can help you to feel more confident before you talk to your aging relative about giving up driving. Below are some things to look for that indicate an older adult should not be driving. Making note of these things when evaluating a senior’s driving and being able to discuss them with the senior can make the conversation a little easier.


Hesitant Driving

Seniors sometimes become more hesitant in their driving when they start to lose their driving skills. They might stop at a green light to make sure no one is coming. They may also be slow to turn out onto a street even when the way is clear. Hesitant driving can also cause them to drive much more slowly than other drivers on the road.


Fresh Dents and Scrapes

If you’ve noticed fresh dents and scrapes on the older adult’s car, it could be an indicator they are having trouble judging distances or maneuvering the car. They may be scraping against a fence at the end of the driveway, bumping the wall in the garage, or even bumping into other cars in parking lots.


Getting Lost

Memory problems can make driving unsafe. Not only can they cause the elder adult to make poor judgments, but memory loss can also lead to them getting lost. If your older family member has called you or another family caregiver for directions to a familiar place, it could be an indicator of memory problems.


Vision Loss

If your older family member struggles with vision problems, it may be wise to have their vision evaluated for safety in driving. Talk to the senior’s eye doctor about their vision and whether or not glasses are enough to correct the problem for safe driving.


When your older family member is no longer able to drive, there’s no need for them to lose their independence. An elder care provider can drive the senior to the places they want to go. Using an elder care provider for transportation means the older adult doesn’t have to wait around for family members or friends to be available to drive them. Instead, they can schedule elder care for their regular errands and outings.


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